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Dream Warriors Interview with Daquon


Interview with by @jessie5_world

Hey guys love is in the air! It doesn’t matter who you are spending your days with, it’s how you spend them. Love, grind, cherish the moments together and create something. A goal, goals together as one are important as well. So in honor of love and who is very special to me, I’m glad I can share this special DreamWarrior with the world. Now just for this time, after this he’s all mine ha. Not only my love, he is a great person, son, brother, father. Hard working at anything he has his hands on. He’s had a clothing brand Xotic Outwear, so many small businesses but let’s dive into the interview! Guys give a huge welcome to Daquon!

Jess: Hey you....*flirts* , can we call you Kwon? Lol

Kwon: Yes, *laughs* you can call me Kwon babe.. Thank you for having me and super proud of what you do. 

Jess: Aww thanks, So what do you feel is someone that can be considered a DreamWarrior?

Kwon: A DreamWarrior is someone that has a dream and won’t stop at all cost.

Jess: Do you feel there is 1 dream or can be multiple dreams?

Kwon: There can be multiple dreams.

Jess: What is one of your dreams?

Kwon: Living a happily ever after story. My family just having love and staying healthy. Houses are in my dreams, with everything I worked for will come true. I want all my hard work to actually mean something and pays out in the long run.

Jess: What makes you go so hard? 

Kwon: The fact that in my head I know we only have one life. I know that in life there’s not a lot of time, we get older, but so much to do. Just try to accomplish as much as I can now.

Jess: Any accomplishments you’d like to share? No matter how big or small it may seem to others, but your very own accomplishment?

Kwon:  Well me getting and keeping a job is an accomplishment. The fact that I have to take orders or listen to others rules doesn’t work for me all the time lol. I like to be my own boss, people can’t talk down to me.

Jess: I get that, I understand exactly how you feel. We are all humans and there should be some levels of respect, some attitudes shouldn’t be expressed. If you respect me, I respect you. I love decision making and hands on stuff, working for someone else may not allow you that. So I get it. 

Kwon: Even staying out of trouble and remaining healthy are hard. I can see that as an accomplishment.

Jess: This is very true, especially in today’s society. There’s always that situation where people are at the wrong place wrong time. Being innocent and just be around the wrong situation. 

Do you consider yourself a strong individual?

Kwon: Yes ma’am 

Jess: So I know you personally, and I know you’ve always looked to be involved in business opportunities. 

What is some advice or choices you can suggest for people? Any mistakes you’ve had that you learned from?

Kwon: Whatever you are trying to learn or start creating, do you research. Immediately start googling lol. As soon as you get that thought in your head go and do all the research.

Jess: Makes a whole lot of sense, I mean if you want to be the best. To get into something and not have proper knowledge, is a disaster waiting to happen.

What does 10 years from now look like for you?

Kwon: Very comfortable. Looks very comfortable and happy. Basically I’m going to be looking back, thinking “I knew this was going to happen”. I’m very confident in that.

Jess: That’s so dope. Anything in your life that became a struggle or speed bump in your life?

Kwon: I guess when my pops left. I felt like I had to carry my family, like the weight was on my shoulders. I had to make things happen.

Jess: I can definitely see that being a struggle. 

Any advice you can give someone experiencing that now? 

Kwon: Picture yourself as a movie character, and picture yourself as them. If you were that person, handle it how they would handle. Not like a Spider-Man , like a Rambo.

Jess: I’m starting to realize and understand that now, living with you. Stop being afraid and just handle that....ssstuff.

Can’t curse on this lol.

Well, thank you for your time sir. I appreciate it and we are going to wrap this up guys.

Enjoy your Valentine everyday, not just this week.

Peace and love to everyone, Instagram is @jessie5_world. Our platform Website is and Instagram is @stereotypeco.

Dream Warriors Interview with Mark Teodosio



Interview by Jessie C @jessie5_world

Hey guys thanks for coming back and joining us for our segment of Dreamwarriors; each and every week on This week we will feature a local, songwriter, musician, comic book creator and the founder of “The City Needs You(TCNY)” brand. He’s a big supporter within other fellow entrepreneurs and dreamers. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Mr. Mark Teodosio.

Mark: That was a big introduction ha, but thank you so much for having me.

Jess: So Mark, what is one of your biggest  dream?

Mark: I always wanted to create my own comicbook and motivate students to chase their visions and dreams. 

Jess: Awww that’s super dope, motivating the young ones is such an important thing.

What is something that you’d like to partake in?

Mark: I wish I was able to produce my own beats and animate cartoons.

Jess: Sounds like absolute fun, ha. I would definitely like to be a voice in a character. 

Do you consider yourself strong for the industry?

Mark: I’m totally built to last this journey of becoming an artist that mastered his craft. 

Jess: Yea gotta have that alligator skin, no joke. Being super confident and sure in yourself is a must.

What is a DreamWarrior to you? 

Mike: Dream Warrior? In my mind I envision a tribal champion. Someone who has faced the hordes of savages that attack his home (symbolically the heart). A body full of scars (bad experiences & failures) has taken stabs from friends, enemies and strangers alike while becoming that proven warrior, all while fulfilling his/her calling, fighting for what he/she believes in no matter the sacrifice!

Jess: Whoa! Spoken like a true DreamWarrior!

This DreamWarrior have 1 or multiple dreams?

Mark: A dream warrior must fight for his/her dream(s) and everyone else’s around him from the smallest to the biggest ideas. No dream is ever achieved alone.

Jess: A team, absolutely. Sometimes have to be careful with whom you bring along. Any struggle or speed bump in your journey, you’d like to share?

Mark: I remember a time where rumors and bad things were said about me. It definitely made me realize that no matter how good you are or what good you do; the world will love you one day, then switch the sky and rain hatred on your entire establishment. The thing a winner must focus on is the goals at hand. These distractions may require some sort of damage control but NEVER, NEVER stoop to the level of the enemy. Take the high road and remember “VENGEANCE IS THE LORDS” always! 

Jess: Sorry to hear that, any advice you can give to someone experiencing the same? Or a lesson learned?

Mark: Pray for that person. They’re coming from a hurt and personal space. It’s hard to do, you really need to realize we don’t have to accept another person’s energy as our own and let it affect us. They weren’t there from the get and their weak vibrations just pass through. Think of it as light rain. Eventually the truth always comes to light. All life is perception. The lesson learned in any drama is that no ones negative opinion/energy will ever do a thing to you but distract you to deal with something that garners ZERO RESULTS. Stay focused on you NOT THEM. 

Jess: It is indeed very hard to keep yourself composed, especially if there’s lies or speculation involved. Even if something did happen that I did, no one knows the whole story. It’s my life not anyone else’s so, I mind my business so everyone should do the same. 

To wrap this up Mark, what’s an accomplishment you’d like to share?

Mark: I agree with what you’re saying. I’ve recently printed out my FIRST ISSUE of my comicbook series called “THE REALEST BAYANI” inspired by the passing of my cousin #RIPMarlomRamos. He inspires me a lot, miss him dearly and want his name never to be forgotten. Had a table in comic con, that was a blessing.

Jess: It seems like lots of cool things are going on and are sure to come. Congrats on everything and these dreams are phenomenal. Thank you for your time, guys you can follow and ask questions at his Instagram @therealestbayani. Any questions I’m sure he will be glad to answer and my Instagram is @jessie5_world, link in my bio. Thanks to @stereotypeco again, grab my book Gloetry at Amazon, my body scrubs @backtotheglo; peace and love guys.

DonShea Harris Dream Warriors Interview



Written by Jessie C

Hey guys good afternoon it’s me Jess coming back to you guys with our segment #Dreamwarriors. This week our special guest is from Cincinnati, Ohio and he’s 27. He has been making waves and makes it his business to be a part of multiple streams of income. He recently has gotten married and a beautiful baby girl in the last couple of years. 

Everyone welcome Mr. DonShea Harris, thanks for taking the time out.

Donshea: It’s an honor to be featured, thank you for having me 

Jess: Before we start asking questions as I normally do, just wanted to acknowledge a couple things that happened recently. 1 of 2 things, I seen recently you visited a school and took time out to speak with some of the youth out in your community.

DonShea: Yes, I got to talk to the kids because my financial advisor is the coach for that team. The school is North College Hill Middle School. He’s been following my success for a while and wanted me to talk to the kids about how team = success when performed the right way. Speaking to the kids focused more so about team work and how I incorporate team work in my career now. I gave a really good talk that day. 

Jess: Awesome and I also seen you were part of a podcast interview. How did that come together?

DonShea: The podcast interview came about because the young lady and myself had been following each other for some time and our schedules lined up perfectly to do the interview. My interview was about my journey and the ups and downs of network marketing and what I went through with the MLM World Ventures and the switching over process. It was a lot of fun. That podcast airs next Monday btw.

Jess: Everyone be sure to check that out, I’m sure it will be awesome. If you guys don’t know already but follow his Instagram page @sheashowout for that interview, I believe the young lady has a #YouTube channel as well. I may also promote the link of that interview and you guys can always check me on my #Instagram @jessie5_world. Awesome stuff... 

So besides this what is something that you are being a part of ? 

DonShea: Right now I’m involved in the foreign exchange market. I’m studying how to trade currencies from one country to another and collect my funds in the middle.

Jess: Sounds dope.. and a dream of yours? 

Donshea: I have a dream to reach billion dollar status by 40. I want to create at least 100 millionaires in my life time. 

Jess: Amen to that. We gotta promote one another and bring the riders along with us. The abundance we shall receive will be tremendous. 

Any major obstacles along the way ?

DonShea: I was a member of this travel club before and some financial issues took place. My experience left me and my family with some tough obstacles to face but we handled them with pride and dignity and respect. It left me to make a decision on if i was going to partake in another company and build from the ground up. We left and didn’t look back, now we’re generating more and helping people BETTER. If that makes sense.

Jess: Sounds like a winning situation all around and yes I can imagine it wasn’t easy in the beginning of transition. What can you say you learned from it?

DonShea: Something i learned from that is to partake in my own rescue. I’ve learned to build a brand that represents me and my team the best way. We’re really taking networking to a global platform.

Jess: Absolutely, your brand is everything.

What makes you continue to go hard?

DonShea: Something that makes me continue my dreams is the fact that i was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My kids will be born with silver spoons and they will be rich and not even know it. 

Jess: The generations to come are important, definitely have to build legacies for them, not just ourselves.

DonShea, do you feel you are a strong individual?

DonShea: I feel like I’m a strong individual on the fact that I’ve but multiple organizations or hundreds of people involved. I’m also the backbone of my family, I’m the eldest of 8.

Jess: sheesh .. most feel like a lot of pressure on your part, no?

DonShea: My siblings are legit replicas of me. Like they have so much of me in them it’s almost no pressure at all. Plus we are all best friends so it’s a given that they will follow in my footsteps and even succeed my success ! I wish i could be them sometimes lol.

Jess: awww, that’s all great to hear.

This was epic, I thank you for taking the time out once again.

DonShea: I’m glad I could help and be a part of this dope opportunity.

Jess: Well, there you guys have it, a 27 year old entrepreneur, husband, father, mentor, brother. He’s holding it down and not giving up on making those growing decisions. Link will be a part of my bio in #Dreamwarriors blog section on Instagram @jessie5_world. We also have to take time out and thank @davenoodlez and @stereotypeco for allowing us to share all the #warriors stories. Any other questions feel free to email me or check out my linktree for more of the services/products I provide. Peace and love.

Khiry White Dreamwarriors Interview


Hey everyone, you guys are now tuning in to the weekly DreamWarriors blog exclusively at’s website. Today’s forecast is cold as hell ! Nonetheless still gotta get things done and announce our weekly featured Dreamwarrior. This man today is a young father, works hard, supports others and is working on some great big things. His thoughts and opinions are highly respected. Everyone please help me welcome Khiry White, who is a local Staten Islander.

khiry white

Jess:Thanks for joining us.. How are you?

Khiry: Thank you Jess for having me, a true honor.

Jess: Any dreams you’d would like to share?

Khiry: I would like to get to a level where I can become an employer and assist people with accomplishing their dreams.

Jess: What is a DreamWarrior?

Khiry: A DreamWarrior is someone with unbreakable persistence and contagious vision with the know how to execute.

Jess: Wow...that’s probably the best answer I’ve heard yet, very precise. Sometimes our executions may not be the most cleanest or in other words may not go as planned. But...speaking of that

When was there a time that things didn’t go as planned or some speed bump popped up in your life?

Khiry: Fatherhood. It’s a huge experience and game changer. I learn about myself and what I’m willing and able to do to improve myself as a father.

Jess: Any advice for the guys out there?

Khiry: You have to listen ALOT.. There’s a lot of pressure and learning but listening is important and especially learning who to listen to.

Jess: You ain’t lying ha.. remembering when my daughter was younger, not knowing so you value people that in your mind is seen as “experienced”. They help and can maybe assist in giving you an idea of how things will be or “should” be; you’ll learn from your own experiences to formulate your decisions.

Any lessons learned?

Khiry: The lesson to me, is try to remain balanced, not too rigid with things. Flexibility and openness to try new things are important.

Jess: yea a whole bunch of new things will come your way becoming a parent.. on a different note

What is something you’d like to enjoy yourself or become a part of?

Khiry: I’d like to learn about business developing, application development but to do that I need to work on my self confidence and put myself out there more.   

Jess: a bit networking and making connections ? 

Khiry: yes that’s a part of it...but more in consistency. In order to progress steadily, your consistency has to be steady as well.

Jess: What makes you to continue to go after your dreams?

Khiry: I’m pushed by fear currently, unfortunately. I want to evolve past that but right now I just have standards for myself.

Well folks there you have it, interview with Mr. Khiry White. Thanks again for you having to take the time out of your schedule. Good luck with everything, guys the link will be in my bio under #DREAMWARRIORS blog. You can always get updates on the website, their Instagram stereotypeco and as well as mine jessie5_world. Peace and love guys.

Khiry: thanks for having me

Bobby Kennedy Dream Warriors Interview



Thanks guys for tuning in again this week for our DreamWarrior segment on link is in my bio. Today a young man from Alabama will be joining us. We will be talking in detail of some behind the scenes life choices in this business world. He is a music producer, entrepreneur, funny and outgoing guy. His name is Bobby Kennedy, his Instagram is @bobbykennedyjr, be sure to follow. He is working on some great things, without further ado..welcome!

Bobby: Thank you for that introduction and thank you for having me

Jess: Well thank you for taking the time, now let’s start with this interview.

Jess: What are some thing you would like to partake in?

Bobby: I would like to partake in growing my various expertise with a community of like-minded individuals to make a change in our world. Another thing is participation in developing software to help companies solve problems with tasks that could be automated. 

Jess: What can you say is your dream?

Bobby: My biggest dream is to become a person with influence. I feel that this would allow me to make change in peoples lives. With so much negativity going around and everyone looking for reasons to hate each other, I would like to do what I can to bring everyone together.

Jess: Why do you feel we need more positive influence now more than ever?

Bobby: A lot of hate is being openly displayed more than ever; being accepted to a large group of people.

Jess: Do you consider yourself a strong individual?

Bobby: I believe I am considered a strong individual because I don't let anything stop me from reaching my goals, and also never compromising my morals and integrity. 

Jess: As you may have seen on my social media or so, the statement DreamWarriors, what do you feel is a DreamWarrior?

Bobby: To me the definition of a DreamWarrior is a person who always rises above it all and figures out solutions in order to achieve their dreams. Despite all of the obstacles and setbacks they face in life. Along the way finding out how to build up their community to make it a better place. 

Jess: Very well said

Jess: In continuing from previous question, is it someone that has 1 or multiple Dreams?

Bobby: I think you can always fight for more than 1 dream. But I would say that it might be more manageable to tackle one dream at a time. This will allow you to continue to take action instead of continuing to plan to conquer the goal. 

Jess: Is there something that happened in your life that may have caused a road bump in those dreams of yours?

Bobby: When I was faced with an opportunity that would have helped me create a lot of the things I have hoped for. Especially in regards to finances. Although with acceptance of this opportunity, it would have alienated all the business partners that I have come to bond with over the years. The choice I had to make was to stick with my partners and keep my creative control, or go with a large conglomerate and ultimately become the image that they saw fit. In this case although I would have loved to get in the place it would have taken me, it wouldn't have felt so great leaving my people behind. I think that with that decision, I have learned a lot more about the business in the process and I am informed enough to make better choices in the future. 

Jess: What did you gain within that experience?

Bobby: There was a wealth of knowledge gained from that experience. I found that it is so much easier to be selfish than to take into account the greater good of the others around you. In this matter loyalty and trust are the most important. I feel that if people were willing to compromise that in order to gain revenue then they would quickly sever the trust and loyalty that they have with you. I feel that this is why it is important to always keep well rounded intellectual people in your circle that you can always trust. 

Jess: What are you most proud of or something you are doing currently or have accomplished?

Bobby: One of my biggest dreams that I accomplished was having the chance of working with someone who I learned a lot from in the realm of music production. SuperStarO is one of those guys who is BOMB with his craft but he is always willing to share the knowledge. Over the years I have had the chance to work with him on multiple occasions, and I think this has been one of the driving motivators that keeps me working with the amazing artists I get to work with. Including K II N G, and Kiana Maye. 

I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a software engineer. In my path I am leading mostly to web development and automation. But ultimately, I want to have enough knowledge where I can apply my skills in multiple realms of the industry. Over time this has become like making music to me. You start with a blank canvas and eventually you have a finished product that you can showcase and be proud of. 

Jess: Yup, amazing things Bobby, sounds like you really are a DreamWarrior. I want to now take this time to thank you again. To follow those guys that Bobby just mentioned I’ll definitely put their Instagram info below.

 - Kiana Maye:

 - K II N G:

I wish everyone success and happiness, everyone stay warm and be safe. Be sure to go to the website or check the link in my Instagram bio which is jessie5_world; for people that do not know it yet. Have a great day guys.

Bobby: Thank you and have a great day guys. Last thing is what keeps me going after my dreams is watching or interacting with so many wonderful people that are also chasing their dreams.

Jahtiek Long Dream Warriors Interview


Written by Jessie C

jahtiek long

Wassuppp guys, welcome on this chilly day. I know it’s harder to get up out of bed, it’s all comfortable and warm. We all have lots to do and achieve, if you don’t; change that ASAP ! I’m here each and every Wednesday, last week was Halloween. I know everyone is still eating left over candy , ha but let’s get down to business. This week is featuring a Dream Warrior for sure, busy busy man. One of Staten Islands native and involved in bettering the community. Puts himself out there to help others in having an outlet for their chance to express themselves. Artistic in more than one way, let’s welcome none other than Mr. Jahtiek Long. 

Hello sir, thank you for your time 

Thanks Jess for having me

Interesting how we Jah and I met.

Oh boy, nah dope vibes...dope vibes.

So I met Jah while I was waitressing at this bar/restaurant down in Stapleton and Jah was walking by and he stop in and in his hands there were cd cases, designed with beautiful art, one project he was working on, and Jah was selling his poetry for like $1. My bosses were a**holes and told me to tell this person (Jah) to leave, I decided to buy a poem with my tips.

After that our lives seemed to pass each other, either events that we were both at or things we were participating in.

Yeah Jess you are super dope

Thank you, and we are both fiery Aries’, we are a grand ole time.

Any dreams you have already accomplished and any currently you are going after?

One of my dreams was to show my art work in Snug harbor and I got to not only do that but put on a entire show featuring 26 other people ! Currently I'm working on traveling more, just got back from Arizona.

How was it? 

It was life changing and so much fun too.

Any dreams you’d would like to share?

I have a lot of dreams so the list could go on forever honestly, but I'd say my top 3 are to:

•Make a stable living off of my passions

•Support in creating more public art on Staten Island

•One day getting a Staten Island ferry named after me.

Wow those dreams are pretty amazing , the Staten Island ferry I can definitely picture your name on it. Super dope.

Do you feel you are considered a strong individual?

I feel that I am a very strong person, I've been through a lot of uphill battles. I’ve always made sure I come out on top and when it seems like times are dark I look for the strength within. I know that if its an obstacle for now it can only make me stronger when I conquer it!

Amen, to that! I feel that’s why there’s a difference between the DreamWarriors and non DreamWarriors. We have to push through all tribulations. Sometimes I just smile and look up when something else pops up in my life as a “speed bump”

Yup, you ain’t lying.

So, do you feel a DreamWarrior is based on fighting for 1 dream or multiple dreams?

For me personally I feel like a Dreamwarrior is based on fighting for multipe dreams not just your own but inspiring others to chase their dreams as well.

Well said.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle? Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision?

A major turning point that turned into an obstacle was moving out of my parents house. It definitely wasn't easy and I had to make a choice of whether it was worth it to continue living somewhere were I felt like I wasn't challenging myself.

Comfortableness is a drug I’m telling you. Once you get to that point it’s very difficult to challenge or grow as a person.

What is some advice you would give someone facing that challenge?

I would say keep your head up , stay positive, only stay around people who are inspiring, and keep working hard till you reach your goal.

From that experience was there a lesson learned or some gain of knowledge taken from that?

I definitely learned a lot from that experience my biggest take away, was that you definitely should create stability if possible when making major life changes. Don’t be afraid to take risk for something more aligned to your vision even if it seems scary at first because its different. I also learned that its okay to ask for support and that the real ones that love you will always have your back in some way or form.

Truth spoken for sure.


What are some things you’d like to partake in?

I’d like to paratake in creating art, music, and being involved in supporting the cultivation of Staten Island creative culture. One of my favorite things to do is to play my ukulele on a nice breezy day by the water during sunset, its very calming and relaxing.

Definitely something I would be down with, I love my trips to the beach or even just at the park. Just appreciating everything and  self talks, we all need some breathers and calm walks.

Well Jah, thank you for you time and all your answers were all truly amazing and genuine. We will be here next week guys, featuring another DreamWarrior and be sure to follow the weeks at

My name is Jessica and my Instagram is jessie5_world and I definitely have the link in my bio. I just posted today some dope things from Jah’s page, his Instagram is 

@Mikediexverse, thanks Jess for having me.

No problem and we are out!!!!

Peace and Love

Shawn McArthur Dream Warriors Interview


Interview by Jessie C


Hey guys thanks for tuning in this special Wednesday...It’s a Very Happy Halloween , yes Oct. 31, 2018!!!

This week will feature another creative creator from the island that is Staten. Has accomplished so many things and continues to strive but I don’t want all his accomplishments to be heard from me. Everyone say hello to none other than Shawn McArthur.

Thank you for your time .

How old are you Shawn?

I am 30 years old

Ayyeee so am I, 88 is the year 

Let’s start from one of my usual concluding questions.. what makes you go hard and continue to strive and do the things you do ?

1. I can't see myself doing anything else 

2. I have a story to tell

3. I love showing naysayers that I can and I always will. No matter what's thrown against me.  I wont let them have any satisfaction of backing down. Even when the odds are stacked against me. I've lost a lot but I've gained more from having the mindset I need to go far. Nobody will ever have that power over me ever again. I spoke that to existence three years ago when I was in rock bottom and broken hearted.

4. My Family, friends and my future. I wouldn't be me without them. 

What is your dream?

One of my dreams is to run a very successful  comic and animation studio. 


Any accomplishments and things you are going to work on in the near future?

I accomplished my dream of becoming a published comic book illustrator. TCNY's The Realest Bayani is my first comic book drawn. It's out in stores now and Mark Teodosio and I were both signing at the largest comic book conventions in New York City ( New York Comic Con) And there's more comics along the way. But I'm so far from done. My next goal is to publish a book written and drawn by me and start my company. But most of all to be a better me.

That sounds amazing and congrats on comic con, that’s a huge deal.

 Thank you, that means a lot.

Anything you’d like to get into or partake in a certain activity or hobby ?

I like to partake in art of course, when I'm not doing that im usually catching up with some hobbies. Video games, reading, Netflix, "Gunpla" (building gundam models) i also started running with my girlfriend and her brother. 

Partner support is very well needed and to have someone in the same field can be a blessing. Bless you guys, wish you the best.

I agree.

Is a Dreamwarrior someone who focuses on accomplishing that 1 dream or multiple?

I say both, once you've accomplished one I think there can be that one dream you lose sleep from but once you've reached that goal there's always another you want to set your sights on. But I do know it takes just that one.

Do you feel like a strong individual?

Yeah, I'm confident enough to say that I've become a strong individual. I wasn't always like that before.

Anything you’ve learned throughout your life that you’d like to share?

I learned that I too can be too stubborn for my own good and I can not only face my fears that I've developed on my own but also the ones that were given to me by my "friends" "past lovers" ect. I learned that fear is just a door you have to walk through. It's a ugly one, yet it's still a door.

Very true, well that wraps up another week of Dreamwarriors. Everyone be safe and have fun trick or treating. Thanks once again for today.

Thank you and happy Halloween everyone.

Check us out next week and be sure to visit my link in bio as well as

Jodi Dareal Dream Warriors Interview


Written by Jessica Coromina

Hey guys thanks for joining me on this fall/winter day. As you already know each and every Wednesday we have this segment called Dream Warriors. We are going to change our drift now and now start to focus on happier times within our season. I have an artist in many ways, shapes of forms.  Beautiful woman inside and out and she uses the beauty of art to express herself. She’s a local artist that you may know, Staten Island’s own Jodi Dareal.


Thank you for coming and what can you say your Dream in the whole wide world?
Jodi: I love to travel. My dream is to see the world and have my art in every gallery or wall. On one side, I’m already living my dreams. I do what I love for a living. On the other side, I want to share it with the world.

Jess: I love that, sounds amazing. I’ve always a liking for art.

What is a DreamWarrior?

Jodi: A Dream Warrior is a person who fights for all dreamers. It’s a person that can see the talent in others and encourage them to pursue their passion. It’s a person that gets knocked down 10 times and gets up 11. It’s a person that hears the words no or not good enough and keeps pushing away. There are no locked doors.

Jess: Wow that’s very powerful and so true. The object of a dreamer should not only for your success but want to bring others to the top as well.

What are things you’d like to partake in ?

Jodi: I like community projects, as well as working with other talented artists. I also loving coaching. I teach swim classes all over Staten Island and currently coach for Trident, a local swim team. So when I’m not working, I’m probably eating or sleeping. Being and Entrepreneur is a 24/7 job. But I wake up loving everyday.

Art by Jodi Dareal

Art by Jodi Dareal

Can you mention a time where there was a turning point in your life?

Jodi: I used go hard for the rap game. I’d like to say that I no longer rap. But that wouldn’t be true. Music is in my veins. But it took the end of a 12 year friendship to make me change course. The pain I left when I lost my best friend made me not want to do music anymore. It was a hard decision to make. Something I still struggle with today. I stop going to events as much. I pretty much lost all faith in people and music wasn’t the same. Art helped me break out of my dark times. It helped me regain my focus. But not a day goes by when I don’t think about the music family I lost and deep it wounded me but I had to keep pushing. I had to prove that I didn’t need them. I had to show myself I was worth it.


Jess: I’m sorry to hear that unforeseen circumstances. We all have our dark times and sometimes spiral downward. Maybe a really long time or maybe just for the moment. Either way it’s very brave and honorable to realize when you do and admit it; also working from that experience as a strength.

Do you feel you are a strong individual?

Jodi: Yes. Would definitely consider myself a strong individual. Growing up, I was always trying to be one of the guys. The tomboy. And as I got older, it seemed like men were always trying to put me in a category. Being a woman in a male dominated world is difficult. People will always try to label you or assume you’re something you’re not when they don’t understand you. And regardless of what life has thrown at me, I’ve always had to grab life by the balls attitude. Excuse my French ...

Jess: Well, I get your French. I can relate to the woman in a man’s world for sure. Always have to make a name or an impression 10x harder than most males do.

What can someone get from experiencing what you did, what can you tell them?

Keep your head up. You’re gonna lose a lot of friends chasing your dreams. But the ones who really care will push you to do better. The ones who truly care you’ll know because they’ll be right by your side helping you every step of the way.

Jess: Girl you couldn’t had said it any better. It’s getting lonelier as you progress and increase in your levels.

Any lessons you feel like you learned?

Jodi: That experience made me a lot more closed off. It took me to a dark place. Cried for months over it. It made me trust less. These days I rarely join group projects I’m always worried they are going to stab me in the back. Dark, I know. It sucks, but it’s good in a way. In business, it’s hard to know whose right and whose wrong. However, the knowledge I gained from the experience has changed me for the better. I used to worry about leaving people behind. But when I realized they didn’t care if I got left behind, I decided being selfish in this situation was ok. It’s ok to want better for yourself even if the people around you disagree. It’s ok to put your needs in front of others any once in a while. 

Jess: I agree completely, we woman are emotional creatures and we care too much at times, naturally. When you are genuine and have a big heart, you just want to be there for people. When others aren’t consistently taking and not contributing, kind of have to cut it loose.

Jess: Well this was a great interview, an eye opener for most. I want to thank you for your time. 

Jodi :Thank you for having me.

Jess: Guys keep checking us out, every Wednesday, same place same time. Have an awesome and amazing rest of the week. Remember always invest in yourself, either in your knowledge, health or wealth. Adioooooss.

Gavin Peguero Dream Warriors Interview


This is our third week in the month of October. The Dream Warriors I have been interviewing are incorporated by Cancer. This week will feature someone that’s from Staten Island. He’s moved back and forth from states such as Florida, New York and North Carolina at least 2 x each. Been out of the country several times. Some of you guys know him, Gavin Peguero.

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Dream Warriors Interview with Zely Santos


Zely Santos

Zely Santos

Interview by Jessie C

Hey guys I know this week I haven’t given a sneak peak. I was interested in this person and her journey and had to hear more about it. As you know last week I mentioned special contribution this month of October. It’s breast cancer awareness and the second Wednesday in October we will continue strong. Strong women we need to show support and appreciation. Remember every week you can catch us at the website and also link in my bio under DreamWarriors blog. She hails on the east coast but in the south region, we are talking about the sunshine state of Florida. Zely Santos, 52 years young, thank you for taking your time out today. Let’s start from the very top.

What do you consider a Dreamwarrior?

I feel this is someone that fights and works hard to make their dreams come true. 

Any dreams you’d like to share?

I’m a Beachbody Coach and I dream of having a team of survivors that are thriving living a healthier life.

That sounds amazing and very commendable.

This is what caught my eye about your Instagram page

Can you mention a certain point in your life that became a huge obstacle? 

My divorce of my first marriage was a huge experience in my life and it became an obstacle because I was not moving on.  I was holding on to anger and resentment.  But the day I decided to give it all to God my life changed for the better. 

Breakups are definitely hard and letting go is even harder in my opinion.

Do you consider yourself a strong person?

I feel I am a strong individual.  I have gone thru breast cancer, double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, total hysterectomy.  Was a grueling year of my life but I made it and I feel this experience made me even stronger.

Do you have any advice to offer anyone through out either a divorce or breast cancer?

Trust the lord with all your heart, he will get you through everything.

And, what was it like when you found out ?

It was definitely a roller coaster of emotions. I played my whole life over in my mind til the end and all I thought of was my children. They needed me.

It’s very tough, especially for a mother to make health decisions. Not just about you anymore.

What made your final decision to go through with it?

I didn’t want any reoccurrences

What makes you continue strong current day ?

My experiences, they’ve taught me to live one day at a time, do the things that make you happy and follow your dreams.  I may not make all my dreams come true but I am sure heck going to try.  

Wow such strength, I want to thank you again for your time Zely.

Thank you for having me.

That sums it up guys on this Wednesday October 10, 2018. Thanks for tuning in, be sure to check my link for any updates and same place same time next week.