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Shawn McArthur Dream Warriors Interview


Interview by Jessie C


Hey guys thanks for tuning in this special Wednesday...It’s a Very Happy Halloween , yes Oct. 31, 2018!!!

This week will feature another creative creator from the island that is Staten. Has accomplished so many things and continues to strive but I don’t want all his accomplishments to be heard from me. Everyone say hello to none other than Shawn McArthur.

Thank you for your time .

How old are you Shawn?

I am 30 years old

Ayyeee so am I, 88 is the year 

Let’s start from one of my usual concluding questions.. what makes you go hard and continue to strive and do the things you do ?

1. I can't see myself doing anything else 

2. I have a story to tell

3. I love showing naysayers that I can and I always will. No matter what's thrown against me.  I wont let them have any satisfaction of backing down. Even when the odds are stacked against me. I've lost a lot but I've gained more from having the mindset I need to go far. Nobody will ever have that power over me ever again. I spoke that to existence three years ago when I was in rock bottom and broken hearted.

4. My Family, friends and my future. I wouldn't be me without them. 

What is your dream?

One of my dreams is to run a very successful  comic and animation studio. 


Any accomplishments and things you are going to work on in the near future?

I accomplished my dream of becoming a published comic book illustrator. TCNY's The Realest Bayani is my first comic book drawn. It's out in stores now and Mark Teodosio and I were both signing at the largest comic book conventions in New York City ( New York Comic Con) And there's more comics along the way. But I'm so far from done. My next goal is to publish a book written and drawn by me and start my company. But most of all to be a better me.

That sounds amazing and congrats on comic con, that’s a huge deal.

 Thank you, that means a lot.

Anything you’d like to get into or partake in a certain activity or hobby ?

I like to partake in art of course, when I'm not doing that im usually catching up with some hobbies. Video games, reading, Netflix, "Gunpla" (building gundam models) i also started running with my girlfriend and her brother. 

Partner support is very well needed and to have someone in the same field can be a blessing. Bless you guys, wish you the best.

I agree.

Is a Dreamwarrior someone who focuses on accomplishing that 1 dream or multiple?

I say both, once you've accomplished one I think there can be that one dream you lose sleep from but once you've reached that goal there's always another you want to set your sights on. But I do know it takes just that one.

Do you feel like a strong individual?

Yeah, I'm confident enough to say that I've become a strong individual. I wasn't always like that before.

Anything you’ve learned throughout your life that you’d like to share?

I learned that I too can be too stubborn for my own good and I can not only face my fears that I've developed on my own but also the ones that were given to me by my "friends" "past lovers" ect. I learned that fear is just a door you have to walk through. It's a ugly one, yet it's still a door.

Very true, well that wraps up another week of Dreamwarriors. Everyone be safe and have fun trick or treating. Thanks once again for today.

Thank you and happy Halloween everyone.

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