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James Rich Dream Warriors Interview


Written by Jessie C

Hey guys we are in the month of December and more holidays coming our way. Let’s focus more on loving and spending time with one another instead of fighting or complaining. Life is too short to allow things to change your mood and dictate how you spend your days. Let’s take responsibility and control of our situations, not only a “New Year Resolution” but an all-around “Life Resolution”. Now let’s get in the segment this week with our #DreamWarrior, this week we have another local. Remember guys like and share these interviews so we can affect more Dreamwarriors out there. Our Dreamwarrior is a multi-talented musician, a support to the community and a father to new baby girl. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Mr. James Rich.

james rich


Jess: Thank you for coming


James: Appreciate you having me a part of this opportunity


Jess: What is a Dreamwarrior?


James: Not to be basic but I would say someone who fights for their dreams. Someone willing to sacrifice what others won’t for their dream.


Jess: What are some things you’d love to partake in?


James: My dream is to make enough money so my mother can stop working.


Jess: I hear that, that’s a great dream and taking care of home after getting to that financial stability is awesome.


Jess: Do you feel a person that is considered a “Dreamwarrior” is someone that chases 1 or multiple dreams?


James: I think we should have multiple dreams so I think we should fight to achieve any and all dreams.


Jess: What makes you chase your dreams and not give up?


James: I continue to go after my dreams for the people who believe in me and the people who have sacrificed in order to give me the opportunity to chase my dreams. The haters as well, do it to laugh at them.


Jess: ha.. yes people that want you to do “ good” but not better than them are the worst kind. Their true intention is wanting you at a certain level and just plateau and stay there always.


James: Real stuff


 Jess: Now, what have been a plateau or a challenge in your life that has affected you in a major way?


James: Dropping out of college I think is my biggest obstacle and regret. I have a 2 year degree and I am about a semester or 2 away from a 4 year degree in psychology. I was also in debt for a long time because of switching majors and schools.


Jess: I definitely can relate and know the feeling…

What sort of advice can you offer someone that had the same experience?


James: Follow their gut, get out of your own head. Get out of your way and never give up. Don’t let others’ lives or expectations influence your decisions or your process. I did a lot of flip flopping when I was younger as most people do. I was trying to fit in and be someone others wanted me to be, instead of just doing what I wanted.


Jess: What are some of your dreams and anyone you admire in the music industry?


James: Since I was a I always loved cars, so buying my first brand new car was a dream of mine that I’ve accomplished. Future dreams would be to work with people I admire such as Diddy and Wiz Khalifa. I also want to run my own record label one day.


Jess: Sounds awesome.. I wish you nothing but the best and can’t wait to say, yea I interviewed that guy lol. Thank you so much for taking your time out and answering my questions.


James: Thank you for having me.


Well there you have it guys, no dream too big or small, keep making plans and getting those dreams accomplished. Outline some reasonable goals and start checking them off one by one. Always can find us on the website and the link in bio on my ig page @jessie5_world and @stereotypeco. Love you guys and feel free to email or dm me for any questions or ideas, thank you guys… Peace and love.

Khiry White Dreamwarriors Interview


Hey everyone, you guys are now tuning in to the weekly DreamWarriors blog exclusively at’s website. Today’s forecast is cold as hell ! Nonetheless still gotta get things done and announce our weekly featured Dreamwarrior. This man today is a young father, works hard, supports others and is working on some great big things. His thoughts and opinions are highly respected. Everyone please help me welcome Khiry White, who is a local Staten Islander.

khiry white

Jess:Thanks for joining us.. How are you?

Khiry: Thank you Jess for having me, a true honor.

Jess: Any dreams you’d would like to share?

Khiry: I would like to get to a level where I can become an employer and assist people with accomplishing their dreams.

Jess: What is a DreamWarrior?

Khiry: A DreamWarrior is someone with unbreakable persistence and contagious vision with the know how to execute.

Jess: Wow...that’s probably the best answer I’ve heard yet, very precise. Sometimes our executions may not be the most cleanest or in other words may not go as planned. But...speaking of that

When was there a time that things didn’t go as planned or some speed bump popped up in your life?

Khiry: Fatherhood. It’s a huge experience and game changer. I learn about myself and what I’m willing and able to do to improve myself as a father.

Jess: Any advice for the guys out there?

Khiry: You have to listen ALOT.. There’s a lot of pressure and learning but listening is important and especially learning who to listen to.

Jess: You ain’t lying ha.. remembering when my daughter was younger, not knowing so you value people that in your mind is seen as “experienced”. They help and can maybe assist in giving you an idea of how things will be or “should” be; you’ll learn from your own experiences to formulate your decisions.

Any lessons learned?

Khiry: The lesson to me, is try to remain balanced, not too rigid with things. Flexibility and openness to try new things are important.

Jess: yea a whole bunch of new things will come your way becoming a parent.. on a different note

What is something you’d like to enjoy yourself or become a part of?

Khiry: I’d like to learn about business developing, application development but to do that I need to work on my self confidence and put myself out there more.   

Jess: a bit networking and making connections ? 

Khiry: yes that’s a part of it...but more in consistency. In order to progress steadily, your consistency has to be steady as well.

Jess: What makes you to continue to go after your dreams?

Khiry: I’m pushed by fear currently, unfortunately. I want to evolve past that but right now I just have standards for myself.

Well folks there you have it, interview with Mr. Khiry White. Thanks again for you having to take the time out of your schedule. Good luck with everything, guys the link will be in my bio under #DREAMWARRIORS blog. You can always get updates on the website, their Instagram stereotypeco and as well as mine jessie5_world. Peace and love guys.

Khiry: thanks for having me

Dream Warrriors Interview with Samantha Mellone


Interview by Jessie C


Special contribution this month of October. It’s breast cancer awareness and this first segment for this month for Dream Warriors will feature a strong woman who got herself checked. She is decided to increase her chances and get more at life after being tested positive for BRCA 2. We are thankful for having her a part of our blog. We are here every Wednesday on the website Staten Island’s own Samantha Mellone. 

Thank you for taking your time out for this interview.

Going to go straight in with the questions

What are some of your dreams?

My dreams are to become a pediatric nurse & helping people with cancer. 

You have lots of history with cancer being around you or your family?

Yes unfortunately cancer has ripped through my family. My brother and father are both thyroid cancer survivors. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and my aunt Theresa unfortunately lost her fight with breast cancer. 

What are some things you’d like to partake in?

I’d like to partake in raising breast cancer awareness & fundraising.

That sounds very helpful and noble, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that need as much support as possible.

Do you consider yourself a strong person ?

I definitely consider myself a strong woman.

Is there anything that became a major turning point in your life?

In October 2016 I received the news from my genetic counselor that I am BRCA 2 positive. It left me with the decision to either live life being considered high risk for breast cancer or to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce my risk from 95% to about 2%. I chose to undergo a double mastectomy in December 2017.

Wow, that’s very heart breaking, what was the ultimate decision maker of your surgery? I’m sure as a female, changing your appearance so drastically was such a burden on your shoulders. 

What advice did you want to give someone going through what you went through?

I want young women to know about this genetic testing it could possibly save someone’s life, I want the women who did get the testing done and tested positive to know that there is no right or wrong decision & the decision to have a double mastectomy is a very tough one and it’s a very rough process physically and mentally but you are not alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have gone through it, it makes things a little easier. 

What makes it easier ? What motivates you to continue to go strong?

All I have been through and everyday looking at my amazing kids makes me fight harder and makes me want to continue to go after my dreams, I want them to have a great life & I never want them to have to recover from their childhood.

That’s very important, the environment the children is around plays a major role in their life choices etc.

Well that completes October’s first week segment of DreamWarrior. I thank you for tour time my dear. Be sure to check us out next week. 

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DreamWarriors Interview with Mike Anthony


Interview by Jessie C


Hey guys welcome back to week 3 of the segment for our blog DreamWarriors. We are here every Wednesday on the website Let’s thank the lord we are here today and everyday we get up. Everyday we are willing and able to go chase what we desire most. 

Now rolling out the red carpet for guest this week. 

He’s from Brooklyn and he loves to sing. Working on this craft for 10 plus years. It’s Brooklyn in the house, brooklyn in the house...this week will feature Brooklyn’s own Mike Anthony. 

So what is a Dream warrior to you ? 

“I’ve never heard that term honestly but I’d think it means someone who is trying to chase their dream & won’t give up no matter the obstacles”.

“Ok ,ok”

Do you feel a Dream warrior is someone chasing one dream or multiple dreams? 

“Yes that’s it, multiple dreams”

What makes you to continue to go after your dreams? “The love and being passionate about my dreams pushes me daily. I know I’m talented and soon the world will see”.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle? Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision? “I’d say just distancing myself from certain people that are not supporting my dream or doing anything for me in my life. Caught myself hanging out a lot and not really doing anything to help my career. Wasn’t an obstacle but I definitely had to make a decision, & fast”.

From that experience was there a lesson learned or some gain of knowledge taken from that? “The lesson was to surround myself with people and things that will motivate or help me get closer to my dream. Can’t lose that way”!

You focus on just r&b?

“Yes mainly or “trap soul”

Anything you learned from being around the singing industry that you didn’t know until you actually got into the field ?

“I’ve learned work HARD people are grindin EVERYDAY to take the next man spot. Work work work”

Yes work work, I agree.

Practice and failure are key I feel to continue towards success.

I want to thank you Mike for your time and questions and the audience will definitely appreciate this as well.”

“No thank you for having me”.

“Well guys that raps up this week’s blog on segment Dreamwarriors, where we feature all the dreamers and fighters/warriors just getting to it”.

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