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DreamWarriors Interview with Mike Anthony


Interview by Jessie C


Hey guys welcome back to week 3 of the segment for our blog DreamWarriors. We are here every Wednesday on the website Let’s thank the lord we are here today and everyday we get up. Everyday we are willing and able to go chase what we desire most. 

Now rolling out the red carpet for guest this week. 

He’s from Brooklyn and he loves to sing. Working on this craft for 10 plus years. It’s Brooklyn in the house, brooklyn in the house...this week will feature Brooklyn’s own Mike Anthony. 

So what is a Dream warrior to you ? 

“I’ve never heard that term honestly but I’d think it means someone who is trying to chase their dream & won’t give up no matter the obstacles”.

“Ok ,ok”

Do you feel a Dream warrior is someone chasing one dream or multiple dreams? 

“Yes that’s it, multiple dreams”

What makes you to continue to go after your dreams? “The love and being passionate about my dreams pushes me daily. I know I’m talented and soon the world will see”.

Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle? Maybe leaving you to make a hard decision? “I’d say just distancing myself from certain people that are not supporting my dream or doing anything for me in my life. Caught myself hanging out a lot and not really doing anything to help my career. Wasn’t an obstacle but I definitely had to make a decision, & fast”.

From that experience was there a lesson learned or some gain of knowledge taken from that? “The lesson was to surround myself with people and things that will motivate or help me get closer to my dream. Can’t lose that way”!

You focus on just r&b?

“Yes mainly or “trap soul”

Anything you learned from being around the singing industry that you didn’t know until you actually got into the field ?

“I’ve learned work HARD people are grindin EVERYDAY to take the next man spot. Work work work”

Yes work work, I agree.

Practice and failure are key I feel to continue towards success.

I want to thank you Mike for your time and questions and the audience will definitely appreciate this as well.”

“No thank you for having me”.

“Well guys that raps up this week’s blog on segment Dreamwarriors, where we feature all the dreamers and fighters/warriors just getting to it”.

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