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Dream Warriors Interview with Mark Teodosio


Dream Warriors Interview with Mark Teodosio



Interview by Jessie C @jessie5_world

Hey guys thanks for coming back and joining us for our segment of Dreamwarriors; each and every week on This week we will feature a local, songwriter, musician, comic book creator and the founder of “The City Needs You(TCNY)” brand. He’s a big supporter within other fellow entrepreneurs and dreamers. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Mr. Mark Teodosio.

Mark: That was a big introduction ha, but thank you so much for having me.

Jess: So Mark, what is one of your biggest  dream?

Mark: I always wanted to create my own comicbook and motivate students to chase their visions and dreams. 

Jess: Awww that’s super dope, motivating the young ones is such an important thing.

What is something that you’d like to partake in?

Mark: I wish I was able to produce my own beats and animate cartoons.

Jess: Sounds like absolute fun, ha. I would definitely like to be a voice in a character. 

Do you consider yourself strong for the industry?

Mark: I’m totally built to last this journey of becoming an artist that mastered his craft. 

Jess: Yea gotta have that alligator skin, no joke. Being super confident and sure in yourself is a must.

What is a DreamWarrior to you? 

Mike: Dream Warrior? In my mind I envision a tribal champion. Someone who has faced the hordes of savages that attack his home (symbolically the heart). A body full of scars (bad experiences & failures) has taken stabs from friends, enemies and strangers alike while becoming that proven warrior, all while fulfilling his/her calling, fighting for what he/she believes in no matter the sacrifice!

Jess: Whoa! Spoken like a true DreamWarrior!

This DreamWarrior have 1 or multiple dreams?

Mark: A dream warrior must fight for his/her dream(s) and everyone else’s around him from the smallest to the biggest ideas. No dream is ever achieved alone.

Jess: A team, absolutely. Sometimes have to be careful with whom you bring along. Any struggle or speed bump in your journey, you’d like to share?

Mark: I remember a time where rumors and bad things were said about me. It definitely made me realize that no matter how good you are or what good you do; the world will love you one day, then switch the sky and rain hatred on your entire establishment. The thing a winner must focus on is the goals at hand. These distractions may require some sort of damage control but NEVER, NEVER stoop to the level of the enemy. Take the high road and remember “VENGEANCE IS THE LORDS” always! 

Jess: Sorry to hear that, any advice you can give to someone experiencing the same? Or a lesson learned?

Mark: Pray for that person. They’re coming from a hurt and personal space. It’s hard to do, you really need to realize we don’t have to accept another person’s energy as our own and let it affect us. They weren’t there from the get and their weak vibrations just pass through. Think of it as light rain. Eventually the truth always comes to light. All life is perception. The lesson learned in any drama is that no ones negative opinion/energy will ever do a thing to you but distract you to deal with something that garners ZERO RESULTS. Stay focused on you NOT THEM. 

Jess: It is indeed very hard to keep yourself composed, especially if there’s lies or speculation involved. Even if something did happen that I did, no one knows the whole story. It’s my life not anyone else’s so, I mind my business so everyone should do the same. 

To wrap this up Mark, what’s an accomplishment you’d like to share?

Mark: I agree with what you’re saying. I’ve recently printed out my FIRST ISSUE of my comicbook series called “THE REALEST BAYANI” inspired by the passing of my cousin #RIPMarlomRamos. He inspires me a lot, miss him dearly and want his name never to be forgotten. Had a table in comic con, that was a blessing.

Jess: It seems like lots of cool things are going on and are sure to come. Congrats on everything and these dreams are phenomenal. Thank you for your time, guys you can follow and ask questions at his Instagram @therealestbayani. Any questions I’m sure he will be glad to answer and my Instagram is @jessie5_world, link in my bio. Thanks to @stereotypeco again, grab my book Gloetry at Amazon, my body scrubs @backtotheglo; peace and love guys.