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Gavin Peguero Dream Warriors Interview


Gavin Peguero Dream Warriors Interview


Interview by Jessie C

gavin peguerro

This is our third week in the month of October. The Dream Warriors I have been interviewing are incorporated by Cancer. This week will feature someone that’s from Staten Island. He’s moved back and forth from states such as Florida, New York and North Carolina at least 2 x each. Been out of the country several times. Some of you guys know him, Gavin Peguero.

We can start today by finding out more about you for our viewers.

How old are you?


What is something you’d like to get involved in ?

I’d like to get more involved with the community in which I live in as well as back home in Staten Island where I grew up.

Any dreams you’d like to share ?

To open up a gym named G Phorce Fitness and Massage. Where you can workout with our team as you’ll go through different phases to not only correct postural distortions but also reach your body goal. You’ll also be able to book a massage ranging from Swedish to clinical.

Based on the theme of this month being cancer centered, anyone in your family suffering/suffered from this illness?


Can you mention an experience that turned into a major turning point and became an obstacle in your life?

I just moved back to NY from Florida December 2015, nervous because a year prior my mother, Tijunia Hall, was diagnosed with Stage-4 Lung Cancer. I was in school and into a sales position praying that some miracle would happen. The following month January 2016 my mom passed away. I felt like I lost everything and I fell down a slippery slope and my behavior ruined a lot of things going well for me. At the end of my spiral I made a decision to leave NY and everything that I started to have a clean slate in NC and be the man that my mother raised and the man that my family needed.

Wow, first things I want to say is I’m so sorry for your loss.  I am very sorry to hear that and I’m sure it’s extremely hard coping with such an event as such.

Do you feel you are a strong person?

I do

What makes you go hard still for your Dream?


Any advice or something to say to someone who is experiencing what you did ?

To stay strong and keep on fighting through. Be unapologetic through your mourning period because for some it takes a while. And have a strong support system.

How long have you been wanting to become a massage therapist?

A month lmao. I’m a free spirit and a late bloomer as far as knowing what I wanted to do.

What is a Dream Warrior?

Someone who fights for their dreams in the face of adversity and brings other warriors with them.

Yes continue to go no matter what’s on your plate.

Well that concludes this week guys. Every Wednesday tune in, any DreamWarriors missed? No problem, you can find them all on my highlights and at the website All information is in the link in my bio. Thanks guys, have a blessed one and stay warm out there.