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Dream Warriors Interview with Daquon


Dream Warriors Interview with Daquon


Interview with by @jessie5_world

Hey guys love is in the air! It doesn’t matter who you are spending your days with, it’s how you spend them. Love, grind, cherish the moments together and create something. A goal, goals together as one are important as well. So in honor of love and who is very special to me, I’m glad I can share this special DreamWarrior with the world. Now just for this time, after this he’s all mine ha. Not only my love, he is a great person, son, brother, father. Hard working at anything he has his hands on. He’s had a clothing brand Xotic Outwear, so many small businesses but let’s dive into the interview! Guys give a huge welcome to Daquon!

Jess: Hey you....*flirts* , can we call you Kwon? Lol

Kwon: Yes, *laughs* you can call me Kwon babe.. Thank you for having me and super proud of what you do. 

Jess: Aww thanks, So what do you feel is someone that can be considered a DreamWarrior?

Kwon: A DreamWarrior is someone that has a dream and won’t stop at all cost.

Jess: Do you feel there is 1 dream or can be multiple dreams?

Kwon: There can be multiple dreams.

Jess: What is one of your dreams?

Kwon: Living a happily ever after story. My family just having love and staying healthy. Houses are in my dreams, with everything I worked for will come true. I want all my hard work to actually mean something and pays out in the long run.

Jess: What makes you go so hard? 

Kwon: The fact that in my head I know we only have one life. I know that in life there’s not a lot of time, we get older, but so much to do. Just try to accomplish as much as I can now.

Jess: Any accomplishments you’d like to share? No matter how big or small it may seem to others, but your very own accomplishment?

Kwon:  Well me getting and keeping a job is an accomplishment. The fact that I have to take orders or listen to others rules doesn’t work for me all the time lol. I like to be my own boss, people can’t talk down to me.

Jess: I get that, I understand exactly how you feel. We are all humans and there should be some levels of respect, some attitudes shouldn’t be expressed. If you respect me, I respect you. I love decision making and hands on stuff, working for someone else may not allow you that. So I get it. 

Kwon: Even staying out of trouble and remaining healthy are hard. I can see that as an accomplishment.

Jess: This is very true, especially in today’s society. There’s always that situation where people are at the wrong place wrong time. Being innocent and just be around the wrong situation. 

Do you consider yourself a strong individual?

Kwon: Yes ma’am 

Jess: So I know you personally, and I know you’ve always looked to be involved in business opportunities. 

What is some advice or choices you can suggest for people? Any mistakes you’ve had that you learned from?

Kwon: Whatever you are trying to learn or start creating, do you research. Immediately start googling lol. As soon as you get that thought in your head go and do all the research.

Jess: Makes a whole lot of sense, I mean if you want to be the best. To get into something and not have proper knowledge, is a disaster waiting to happen.

What does 10 years from now look like for you?

Kwon: Very comfortable. Looks very comfortable and happy. Basically I’m going to be looking back, thinking “I knew this was going to happen”. I’m very confident in that.

Jess: That’s so dope. Anything in your life that became a struggle or speed bump in your life?

Kwon: I guess when my pops left. I felt like I had to carry my family, like the weight was on my shoulders. I had to make things happen.

Jess: I can definitely see that being a struggle. 

Any advice you can give someone experiencing that now? 

Kwon: Picture yourself as a movie character, and picture yourself as them. If you were that person, handle it how they would handle. Not like a Spider-Man , like a Rambo.

Jess: I’m starting to realize and understand that now, living with you. Stop being afraid and just handle that....ssstuff.

Can’t curse on this lol.

Well, thank you for your time sir. I appreciate it and we are going to wrap this up guys.

Enjoy your Valentine everyday, not just this week.

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