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DonShea Harris Dream Warriors Interview


DonShea Harris Dream Warriors Interview



Written by Jessie C

Hey guys good afternoon it’s me Jess coming back to you guys with our segment #Dreamwarriors. This week our special guest is from Cincinnati, Ohio and he’s 27. He has been making waves and makes it his business to be a part of multiple streams of income. He recently has gotten married and a beautiful baby girl in the last couple of years. 

Everyone welcome Mr. DonShea Harris, thanks for taking the time out.

Donshea: It’s an honor to be featured, thank you for having me 

Jess: Before we start asking questions as I normally do, just wanted to acknowledge a couple things that happened recently. 1 of 2 things, I seen recently you visited a school and took time out to speak with some of the youth out in your community.

DonShea: Yes, I got to talk to the kids because my financial advisor is the coach for that team. The school is North College Hill Middle School. He’s been following my success for a while and wanted me to talk to the kids about how team = success when performed the right way. Speaking to the kids focused more so about team work and how I incorporate team work in my career now. I gave a really good talk that day. 

Jess: Awesome and I also seen you were part of a podcast interview. How did that come together?

DonShea: The podcast interview came about because the young lady and myself had been following each other for some time and our schedules lined up perfectly to do the interview. My interview was about my journey and the ups and downs of network marketing and what I went through with the MLM World Ventures and the switching over process. It was a lot of fun. That podcast airs next Monday btw.

Jess: Everyone be sure to check that out, I’m sure it will be awesome. If you guys don’t know already but follow his Instagram page @sheashowout for that interview, I believe the young lady has a #YouTube channel as well. I may also promote the link of that interview and you guys can always check me on my #Instagram @jessie5_world. Awesome stuff... 

So besides this what is something that you are being a part of ? 

DonShea: Right now I’m involved in the foreign exchange market. I’m studying how to trade currencies from one country to another and collect my funds in the middle.

Jess: Sounds dope.. and a dream of yours? 

Donshea: I have a dream to reach billion dollar status by 40. I want to create at least 100 millionaires in my life time. 

Jess: Amen to that. We gotta promote one another and bring the riders along with us. The abundance we shall receive will be tremendous. 

Any major obstacles along the way ?

DonShea: I was a member of this travel club before and some financial issues took place. My experience left me and my family with some tough obstacles to face but we handled them with pride and dignity and respect. It left me to make a decision on if i was going to partake in another company and build from the ground up. We left and didn’t look back, now we’re generating more and helping people BETTER. If that makes sense.

Jess: Sounds like a winning situation all around and yes I can imagine it wasn’t easy in the beginning of transition. What can you say you learned from it?

DonShea: Something i learned from that is to partake in my own rescue. I’ve learned to build a brand that represents me and my team the best way. We’re really taking networking to a global platform.

Jess: Absolutely, your brand is everything.

What makes you continue to go hard?

DonShea: Something that makes me continue my dreams is the fact that i was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My kids will be born with silver spoons and they will be rich and not even know it. 

Jess: The generations to come are important, definitely have to build legacies for them, not just ourselves.

DonShea, do you feel you are a strong individual?

DonShea: I feel like I’m a strong individual on the fact that I’ve but multiple organizations or hundreds of people involved. I’m also the backbone of my family, I’m the eldest of 8.

Jess: sheesh .. most feel like a lot of pressure on your part, no?

DonShea: My siblings are legit replicas of me. Like they have so much of me in them it’s almost no pressure at all. Plus we are all best friends so it’s a given that they will follow in my footsteps and even succeed my success ! I wish i could be them sometimes lol.

Jess: awww, that’s all great to hear.

This was epic, I thank you for taking the time out once again.

DonShea: I’m glad I could help and be a part of this dope opportunity.

Jess: Well, there you guys have it, a 27 year old entrepreneur, husband, father, mentor, brother. He’s holding it down and not giving up on making those growing decisions. Link will be a part of my bio in #Dreamwarriors blog section on Instagram @jessie5_world. We also have to take time out and thank @davenoodlez and @stereotypeco for allowing us to share all the #warriors stories. Any other questions feel free to email me or check out my linktree for more of the services/products I provide. Peace and love.