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Bobby Kennedy Dream Warriors Interview


Bobby Kennedy Dream Warriors Interview



Thanks guys for tuning in again this week for our DreamWarrior segment on link is in my bio. Today a young man from Alabama will be joining us. We will be talking in detail of some behind the scenes life choices in this business world. He is a music producer, entrepreneur, funny and outgoing guy. His name is Bobby Kennedy, his Instagram is @bobbykennedyjr, be sure to follow. He is working on some great things, without further ado..welcome!

Bobby: Thank you for that introduction and thank you for having me

Jess: Well thank you for taking the time, now let’s start with this interview.

Jess: What are some thing you would like to partake in?

Bobby: I would like to partake in growing my various expertise with a community of like-minded individuals to make a change in our world. Another thing is participation in developing software to help companies solve problems with tasks that could be automated. 

Jess: What can you say is your dream?

Bobby: My biggest dream is to become a person with influence. I feel that this would allow me to make change in peoples lives. With so much negativity going around and everyone looking for reasons to hate each other, I would like to do what I can to bring everyone together.

Jess: Why do you feel we need more positive influence now more than ever?

Bobby: A lot of hate is being openly displayed more than ever; being accepted to a large group of people.

Jess: Do you consider yourself a strong individual?

Bobby: I believe I am considered a strong individual because I don't let anything stop me from reaching my goals, and also never compromising my morals and integrity. 

Jess: As you may have seen on my social media or so, the statement DreamWarriors, what do you feel is a DreamWarrior?

Bobby: To me the definition of a DreamWarrior is a person who always rises above it all and figures out solutions in order to achieve their dreams. Despite all of the obstacles and setbacks they face in life. Along the way finding out how to build up their community to make it a better place. 

Jess: Very well said

Jess: In continuing from previous question, is it someone that has 1 or multiple Dreams?

Bobby: I think you can always fight for more than 1 dream. But I would say that it might be more manageable to tackle one dream at a time. This will allow you to continue to take action instead of continuing to plan to conquer the goal. 

Jess: Is there something that happened in your life that may have caused a road bump in those dreams of yours?

Bobby: When I was faced with an opportunity that would have helped me create a lot of the things I have hoped for. Especially in regards to finances. Although with acceptance of this opportunity, it would have alienated all the business partners that I have come to bond with over the years. The choice I had to make was to stick with my partners and keep my creative control, or go with a large conglomerate and ultimately become the image that they saw fit. In this case although I would have loved to get in the place it would have taken me, it wouldn't have felt so great leaving my people behind. I think that with that decision, I have learned a lot more about the business in the process and I am informed enough to make better choices in the future. 

Jess: What did you gain within that experience?

Bobby: There was a wealth of knowledge gained from that experience. I found that it is so much easier to be selfish than to take into account the greater good of the others around you. In this matter loyalty and trust are the most important. I feel that if people were willing to compromise that in order to gain revenue then they would quickly sever the trust and loyalty that they have with you. I feel that this is why it is important to always keep well rounded intellectual people in your circle that you can always trust. 

Jess: What are you most proud of or something you are doing currently or have accomplished?

Bobby: One of my biggest dreams that I accomplished was having the chance of working with someone who I learned a lot from in the realm of music production. SuperStarO is one of those guys who is BOMB with his craft but he is always willing to share the knowledge. Over the years I have had the chance to work with him on multiple occasions, and I think this has been one of the driving motivators that keeps me working with the amazing artists I get to work with. Including K II N G, and Kiana Maye. 

I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a software engineer. In my path I am leading mostly to web development and automation. But ultimately, I want to have enough knowledge where I can apply my skills in multiple realms of the industry. Over time this has become like making music to me. You start with a blank canvas and eventually you have a finished product that you can showcase and be proud of. 

Jess: Yup, amazing things Bobby, sounds like you really are a DreamWarrior. I want to now take this time to thank you again. To follow those guys that Bobby just mentioned I’ll definitely put their Instagram info below.

 - Kiana Maye:

 - K II N G:

I wish everyone success and happiness, everyone stay warm and be safe. Be sure to go to the website or check the link in my Instagram bio which is jessie5_world; for people that do not know it yet. Have a great day guys.

Bobby: Thank you and have a great day guys. Last thing is what keeps me going after my dreams is watching or interacting with so many wonderful people that are also chasing their dreams.