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9 Years of Dreaming


9 years ago Stereotype Co was born on March 29, 2009. It happened at an event that I put together in honor of my younger brothers birthday. During that time in my life I was taking a screen printing class at Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn. This was all happening around the same time.

The screenprinting class gave us the opportunity to print 1 of our designs. It was great timing because I just designed one of my first graphics using Photoshop, the Stereotype logo. 

I asked the screenprinting class if I could print more than 1 shirt. They responded yes, so I brought 25 shirts. 

During the day of the event I gave everyone a shirt that helped us, from the sound engineer Jeremy to our bouncers David and Brian.

During the evening I hyped up the crowd by saying "When I say Stereo you say Type". That moment Stereotype was born. 

People began to become curious.

It was the love from people that and the love we had which has given us a reason to continue to keep Stereotype alive for so long. It was the support from my brother Dan and good friend  that gave the brand it's legs early on.

People gravitated to the collection, so we kept making them.

Stereotype Co is not just merch but platform to dream. Every step of the way we have learned something and never stopped.

To think it's been 9 years from that day is a blessing. It's truly an honor to create something that has given people something to wear externally and feel something internally.

We have been about the positive vibe lifestyle since we started. The goal was to kill the negative vibes from the news to the voices of people that told us this was not possible. 

It is possible and Stereotype Co is proof of that. 

With 1 year away from our 10th year anniversary I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. It's the love we receive that is the major fuel of our company.

We have many big plans, goals and dreams for 2017 and look forward to sharing them with each and everyone of you.

Thank you for rocking with us for 9 years.

Don't stop dreaming.

10 Art Commandments by Alim Smith


Alim is a visual artist from Delaware that we met along our travels at 'Afropunk' this past year.  His booth was undeniable with all original pieces, prints and even a set up where he was doing a live piece everyday of the festival. We had to pick up the Tupac piece for the studio.

Very recently we heard a podcast by @shefonnachelle featuring Alim where he gave us his 10 Art Commandments.

Check them out and leave a comment of your thoughts on the 10 Art Commandments



1. You shall put nothing before your creative process 

2. You shall make idols, as many as possible
( an image or other material object representing a deity or whatever you wish that may or may not be worshipped. 

3.You are the God of the world of creations you create , no one else.
(Thou shall not forget that)

4. Remember every day is Sacred and to keep it holy, you must create

5. Honor those who have influenced and inspired you

6. You shall murder anything in you that encourages doubt or fear

7.You shall immerse yourself in anything that will inspire and cultivate your creativity (as long as it causes no harm to others)

8.You shall not steal others ideas and concepts
(Inspiration not imitation, originality are your origins )

9.You shall not compare oneself to another creator
(The world you create is yours and can not be replicated)

10.You shall not want or desire the style of another creators creations





Haters Will Hate, Ignore It


Written by: Abby Daniella

Because…your confidence might just remind them of their insecurities. They can't stand it. It would be nice to control what others say, do, act. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. However, we do have the ability to control how WE react (or don’t) to people and situations we find ourselves in. Everything doesn’t need a reaction and it’s important to know this and practice it. At the end of the day, positives and negatives can’t live in the same place. The choice is yours, everyday for the rest of your life. Regardless, it’s not your issue and you can’t trip because your confidence makes others feel a way about themselves. Whose problem is that, really? Why give it your energy? Don’t upset yourself because of what someone might say because in life folks will "hate" you for no reason. You're eatin'. Live your life and starve the trolls!

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