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5 Things That Make Musication3 Different From Last Year



This year we will have Staten Island's first DJ Expo! Usually there are like 8-10 artist performing and 1 DJ. This year we wanted to showcase the DJ. The Expo will feature Run P, DJ Dizzle, DJ Shame, MIO SOUL, Danny Boak, DJ XCel, DJ Bembona & 1WayTKT. Every DJ is unique in their own way and will bring a style that is sure to shock the festival goers.

Danny Boak photo by Adam Smith, DJ Bembona photo by Angie Vasquez


Fresh off the success of Illuminate Stapleton, Projectivity will be reaching out to their collective of artists to create Interactive Art Installations and Video Art Projections. The artists will be announced soon!



If you haven't been to our 'Shaolin Tee Parties' you know how awesome they are. If you haven't had a chance you get have another chance to make your own Tee Shirt on the spot at Musication. You can draw your own design, use an image saved on your phone or pick from a few featured artists designs. 


4. Stereotype 7 Headphone Gallery

In honor of our 7th Anniversary we will be hand selecting 7 artists to customize 1 of a kind headphones to be featured in our Headphone Gallery. We will be announcing our 7 Featured Artists soon! The headphone gallery will be powered by Sound United

Headphones by Polk Audio 

Headphones by Polk Audio 


Assembyl have been doing some amazing work with 3D Printing, Drones and their Botfarm. Big thanks to Mike Perina and Victor. They will be livestreaming Musication3 from a Drone and as well as other Tech surprises.


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This is just 5 things to get you hype. There are over a dozen others from food to drinks to installations to surprise performances! See you November 20th 

30 Artists took a vinyl record and made something amazing (photos)


vinyl gallery

If you stepped foot into Musication 10 days ago you got a chance to experience a 3D Scanning workstation that gave you the opportunity to order your own mini me, a photobooth; where you were styled and treated like a celebrity, live murals, live music and unique food . One of our favorite attractions from the event was the Vinyl Gallery curated by John Exit. 30+ artists from around NYC took a vinyl record and made it into a piece of art. Check out the amazing work these artists did. 1 of a kind pieces of work by some of the illest artists we know.

Consider gifting these 1 of a kind art pieces to friends and family this holiday. Proceeds from every sale will go to the Lark Fund; a grass roots organization that helps put musical instruments in schools. The other percentage will go back to the artists who made these pieces.

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100 people stepped into a Photobooth at Musication and this is what happened


Musication featured a 'Vintage Photobooth' which was styled by the talented Unicorn Empress and photographed by the visual wizard Matty Jacob . It was one of the most fun and unique experiences at #Musication

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