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#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

Thank you


Thank you



Thank you to everyone who didn't purchase Stereotype Co yesterday. 7 billion people in the world took part of ‪#‎DontBuyStereotypeBlackFriday‬ and it was a success. 
This is something I decided to do with my life so when you grab a hoodie or hat it feeds my family. It also supplies gas and toll money for me to cross over to other cities and donate 1000s of bookmarks and do volunteer talks in schools. Over the last 2 years I have learned to buy a lot less due to this change of lifestyle. We are not here to judge people for what they purchase and give them guilt for whatever decision they chose. I am simply a man on this earth that knows his purpose. No matter how many sales or hats I flip I wake up and do it again. I know God got me and if i follow my purpose a path will be paved for my family and myself. Anyone who has ever purchased from me has enabled us to touch 27 cities in the last year. We have donated 13,000 bookmarks; some people have said these items have greatly influenced them to "don't stop dreaming". We are proud to be a small business owner and we thank you for believing in us. We are a living testament; that if you put effort into your dreams you can do a lot with a little.