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What 1 Year Can Do


What 1 Year Can Do


November 22 at 5050 Skatepark was definitely one for the books! Thanks to everyone that came out to support a great cause. With the help from all our sponsors and whole community, we raised over $1500 for SI Arts Lark Fund.

One year ago I remember gearing up for the Inspired by Us event. The week consisted of making a bunch of new products like sweatshirts, t-shirts, bracelets, snapbacks and beanies. By the time I got to the event we were welcomed to open arms by the folks at 5050 Skatepark and Christian (Founder of Projectivity), his girlfriend Rachel and Kevrwk. The night went extremely well in all aspects. As a businessman/artist these are the ones I measured

Marketing - we were able to give out 100's of bookmarks to everyone in attendance. I met some amazing young guys that literally took over 100 bookmarks and handed them out to everyone there.

Sales - We released a bunch of new products that day. People took a liking to them and scooped them up immediately. It was a good night in sales. We were able to donate a good amount to the Lark Fund.

Connections - These are the intangibles that I didn't always measure growing up in the fashion,music and art scene but are priceless. We met a bunch of new artists there, connected with some artists we have been building with and met dozens of new people and some even from Japan. Connections are everything and have played an essential role in being where we are today.

Experience - At the end of the day I had a great time. The music was dope, the art displayed was really fresh, the people there were all awesome and it was one event for the Shaolin (another word for Staten Island) books. People of all ages attended. Everyone looked real happy and it was great how they all came together for a good cause. I have been a fan of Projectivity since 2008 so it was an honor to be part of their event.

A collective of musicians, artists, teachers, organizers, business owners and community volunteers who have come together to create a variety of different

A collective of musicians, artists, teachers, organizers, business owners and community volunteers who have come together to create a variety of different

2 months ago we threw one of the most unique parties in Staten Island; The Ninja Party at Overspray with The Unicorn Empress. Of course we reached out to Projectivity to take part of the event. They did one better and helped sponsor the night with sound equipment, recording equipment and our red carpet.

To be honest after Ninja Party was over I had some cases of depression. I put my heart and soul into that event so when I woke up the next day with no project to look forward to I got depressed. I needed a new project.

After the success of this party Christian and I spoke about future collaborations. He spoke about his latest Engineering Your Sound music production class at the SI Makerspace with his partner Jared. He ran it by me and asked if I was interested in helping him throw the finale event for the kids that graduate. I thought it was dope program. In the meantime I was shopping to throw a new event with Unicorn Empress. Christian and I both wanted to both throw a big event at 5050 Skatepark. We had an Ahaa moment. We thought it may be a good idea to combine both our forces to make one big event instead of 2 separate ones at the same space. Especially because we would both end up at each others events. Christian gave me a realistic business ultimatum. He said "5050 Skatepark is really big so if we can't fill it up with a bunch of cool people and cool things it may be dope to just have it at a smaller venue." I said give me about 2 days.

2 days later we met up and we both started going back and forth with ideas. We thought of 7 different attractions for people. When I throw events the #1 questions I always ask myself is

"What platform can I create for my people to use their full potential?" 

I don't want someone who likes fashion to be serving bagels. I don't want a guy that loves audio production to be painting a mural. I basically consider event throwing a puzzle. I want people to be taking part of the things they love most. I feel that's where they will shine most. I also find myself asking this question in terms of vibes.

"How do we give people an experience that will stick out from the rest?"

A few meetings later we realized how possible this was through the many hands of the people we know and love. The space was eventually secured and the phone started buzzing.

This event was once an idea that was eventually puzzled through the act of questions, debating, research and organization. It was much easier said than done. 

The right name

The right name was important. We wanted to create a name that would stand out. We thought of a bunch. We wanted one that we could own when you do a Hashtag search on twitter & instagram

Emerging Sound


Music Makers

Radio Freedom

Music Makers

What’s in Your Ears 

Push Play +

Rewind The Track

Sound Of Music

School of Rock

DIY Music +

Music Masters

Beat Down

Beat Masters

Radio Logic

None of them hit home so we kept searching...

One day after a meeting with Unicorn Empress where we were discussing celebration and music we had a lightbulb moment. All of sudden I heard the word 'Musication!' I texted Christian and he approved!

We submitted our definition and it was approved via

We submitted our definition and it was approved via

This whole event has been a creative puzzle for us. Everyday we just keep putting more pieces together.

This event includes

Art from 40+ Artists

10 Live Performances 

2 DJ's

2 Live Murals

9 Experience Booths/Shops




40 People have been employed to work this event

with great power comes

In the words of Uncle Ben "With great power comes great responsibility". 1 year ago at Inspired by Us my goal was 'Lets make a cool table at this Projectivity event.' This time it's 'Let's make this an awesome event'. I must say I am blessed to be in this position and looking forward to combining forces with Projectivity and so many beautiful people this Friday. It's crazy what one year can do.

The official trailor for Inspired By Us - Musication presented by Projectivity and Stereotype Co. featuring lots of different art and music acts. Click on the facebook link to see more