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Lavish is Not like the other kids


Lavish is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


People always ask me how am I different from everybody else. People tend to look at me and can immediately tell I'm not everyone else. From the way I carry myself humbly, the way I dress, even down to the energy I give off as soon as I step into a room. But what makes me very different from a lot of people is the way I speak. My #1 obstacle in life has sparked off the person I am today.

Being an artist and speaking into a microphone with a melody has always been easy for me. Speaking is something that is easy for everybody. It's how we communicate. It's how we express our feelings and tell people we love them. For me, speaking without lyrics and a melody has been a huge obstacle. Being a person who stutters makes me different from everyone else. It's things so easy like saying "thank you" after somebody holds the door that makes me frustrated because I cant get the words out. Ever since I was younger, I turned that frustration into lyrics & melodies and showed people that 'stuttering kid' from Staten Island has a bigger voice than you think when I begin to rap. I'm #notliketheotherkids because I take my weakness and turn it into one of my biggest strengths - music. I know my worth and I know my voice is powerful... even if it takes me a while to say what I have to say.