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Mike Palmerton is Not like the other kids Interview

Amanda Giordano

“What Makes You Not Like The Other Kids?

What makes me not like the other kids is simple. I got caught up with drugs early in life; I am now 5 years opiate free. I know I have made many mistakes along the way but, I own them. The difference is, I always try to learn from my past. I don’t let my mistakes hold me back. I find a way to shine a positive light on any negative situation. Now, I am chasing my dream of succeeding in the music industry with a new, positive outlook. My message through music is important and I refuse to let anything or anyone prevent me from having my voice be heard. In addition to writing my songs, I have been writing daily inspirational messages on my social media that will be compiled for publication in the form of a book. My books will be accompanied with photographs that are specific to the message. As I chase my dreams, I am trying to help others live their dreams.

My original music will be centered around becoming addiction free and being positive. I am in support of Kids Escaping Drugs (KED) as a Face2Face member while promoting the Christopher A. Palmerton Jr. Foundation. The foundation was formed by my uncle who lost his son, my cousin, to a heroin overdose. The foundation has provided a grant to help sustain “Palmerton Place” on the KED Renaissance Campus.

The program is important to me because I have lost family and friends to addiction alongside of almost losing myself. Palmerton Place offers reintegration services for young women who are 14-23. Kids who are at risk by returning home after residential treatment are given the opportunity to go to Palmerton Place where they can remain on campus while maintaining their positive reinforcement. Palmerton Place allows them to pursue new opportunities such as education, employment, etc. I hope to show these young adults that anything is possible, despite their current state.

What also makes me different is that when I was struggling with addiction, I said “help.” I made the choice to attend the KED Renaissance House which opened my eyes to living without opiates. Most people are afraid to ask or don’t like to ask for help but, asking for help is okay. It can open the door to a positive life. Don’t be intimidated to say I need help, be unlike the other kids. Find your solace, find your peace, find your happiness. I learned to not worry about “fitting in” or “being cool.” Life is better when you make the choice to be your own person. If you are struggling with any darkness, seek your way out. Life can be beautiful when you maintain a positive outlook.”

“How do you dream?

I guess you could call me a perpetual dreamer. I dream when I fall asleep, I dream when I’m awake, I don’t stop dreaming. The key to achieving your dreams is formulating a plan and sticking to the plan. My father always pushed an important lesson on me, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I look at dreams as a blueprint to your future, your true needs and wants. Dreams are more than just a figment of your imagination. Day and night, I dream about being a legacy in the music industry, as a performer and motivator with an encouraging message. Your thoughts can be an endless trail of possibilities. When you are brainstorming how to achieve your dream, document every idea. Revisit these ideas to formulate a strategy to make your dream come true. I feel like “nothing is impossible” and “never say never” are more than simple quotes. They are philosophies that I live by. Without dreams, what would we be? As KED states, “through guiding lives and giving hope, we empower adolescents and families to be successful on their journey of recovery from the disease of addiction.” That is my biggest dream, to help battle addiction. Don’t. Stop. Dreaming. #DreamChaser”

IG: @mikepalmerton

Christopher A. Palmerton Jr. Foundation:


Tobin Osusky is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


When they die, they’re dead. When I died, I came back a Superhuman version of my self, stronger and smarter than ever. Since my actual death in 2003 I have achieved all of my dreams without hesitation.

I broke my neck and back and now I work to Rehabilitate others with Spinal Cord Injuries and Traumatic Head Injuries. 

During my healing process, Amethyst Crystals sped up my healing process; now I work for the planets most successful Crystal Mining & Wholesale company. 

I founded and own a wildly influential Holistic Fitness brand named Qinesis, that has majorly improved the fitness consciousness in Northern NJ/NYC over the last 5-8 years, across the board forcing Industry Leaders to adapt to the change we initiated.

I also design all clothes and products for THNK also known as The High Nature Kids.

I am a board member for several Non-Profits focused on feeding and clothing the Homeless of NJ, also Outdoor Education and Natural Awareness programs. 

I want you to be happier.

V-Henny is Not like the other kids Interview

Amanda Giordano


I’m not like the other kids because even as a child, I was always full of questions, curious about with what life has to offer, hard-headed, a risk taker and never satisfied by mediocrity. I found myself writing to ease my deep rooted pain as I listened to the words from a song to see if they too, can relate. I went from writing poetry to writing Hip Hop lyrics, transitioning into radio which then opened up another chapter, event planning. Although I’ve failed many times, I always manage to get back up. A kid with a broken paint brush, who never gives up, always sees the vision and paints a bigger picture.  

I believed in dreaming big even when it caused fear in my heart and soul. Life will always be beautiful. Precisely the reason I take chances when it comes to following my dreams. I appreciate the experiences and the lessons from it all. I’m a girl from The Bronx that had an unstable and challenging childhood. A girl who dropped out of high school at the age of 16, just a kid who decided not to quit and get her G.E.D. A dreamer who decided to follow her path, that of a dreamer. To work hard, sleepless nights and be consistent, as she day dreams.  

I’m not like the other kids, unlike the 98% of them, they grew up and life forced them to change their goals and dreams. I continue to dream big. I continue to have passion and dedication, knowing that there’s more to life, wanting to be heard, help others and make my dreams come true. 


I am not like the other kids Because 

I am an Artist

I am an Entrepreneur

I am a Fighter  

I Am a Dreamer


Susan is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Why am I not like the other kids? 

There was a moment in my life when I realized I wasn’t putting myself first.  I wasn’t doing the things I love and was putting someone else’s needs above mine. I started losing myself in what was a toxic relationship.  One in which was not healthy and draining me of who I was.  Luckily I had an awakening and decided to walk away.  It was then when my love for yoga, fitness, art and exploring helped strengthen me.  I felt free and like I was given a second chance to truly enjoy and appreciate what’s around me.  Since then I’m grateful for the simplest things and never take any moment for granted. 

I began to share my passions thru social media because I wanted others to see that there’s so much to enjoy and be thankful for in this life.  I hope thru my images and authenticity they connect with something that either makes them smile, laugh or motivate them to go out and see art or take a yoga class.  To inspire them to be their true self and do what makes them happy, and not care what everyone else may think.  To practice self-love and realize their worth.  We all have our uniqueness and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to express that and show others why you’re not like the other kids.

Delly Flay Is Not Like The Other Kids Interview

Amanda Giordano


I used to want to be like the other kids... When you grow up as an outsider, it’s easy to succumb to that type of mindset. However, the older I grew, the more I began to realize how different I really was from my peers. While most of my friends were active in sports, I was heavily engaged in the arts – I willingly performed at family parties and school musicals, I had a passion for drawing and writing poetry, and by the end of elementary school, I was writing my own lyrics to my favorite Hip-Hop instrumentals.

I was never popular. How could I be when I was so different, you know? Raised on Staten Island, it’s sad to say, but it was a task for the other kids to accept anything else but replicas of themselves. Everything was about being tough and looking cool. My discovery of my love for Hip-Hop did that for me. Self-expression helped me feel tough, cool.. and untouchable. Once word had gotten out about my free music online, I developed this burning desire to keep on creating; so I did…

Fast forward to college years – I was collaborating and producing beats for local artists while working on perfecting my own sound. These years were the toughest because of the contradicting pressure from my parents to be a scholar and my undying love for my craft. Once again, I felt verrrry different. Call me stubborn, but I always hated sitting in class knowing that those hours spent could’ve either been spent in my basement, working on new music or working to make money… So I dropped out… 

I then spent my days working multiple double shifts per week at a job that I disliked… I became tired. Consumed. I was also dating, so time for nurturing my creativity felt more limited than it did in the classroom. After months of feeling rundown and just uncertain about my place in life, I decided to quit my job with no second thoughts. With some money saved up, I woke up every morning and treated music and entertainment as if it were my day job. I spent time strategizing and writing a hell of a lot. As momentum picked up, so did my confidence. Once I started putting my positive creative energy out into the world, I swear, things then just started falling into place.

Since then, I’ve written songs for VH1/Viacom, I’ve worked closely with legendary Hip-Hop names like AZ and Ty Fyffe, I’ve worked as an actor on numerous television shows and a handful of movies, I’ve had voice commercials air on Hot 97 and Power 105.1, and more recently - I signed a deal with Warner Music Philippines. 

Back when I was a kid, I never thought any of this was attainable… The happiness. The freedom. But that was because of the naysayers. Once I realized that self-doubt was my only enemy, I began to work more diligently. Effortlessly. I began to create with purpose. The moment I started to believe that I could achieve anything I set my mind to was the moment I solidified what sets me apart from the rest…


Adrianna Rivera is not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Hi! My name is Adrianna. And I’m not like the other kids. 

I mean, I know that to be a fact. But for the past week or so, I struggled to find a word that describes why exactly I’m “not like the other kids”. 

Then it hit me. I'M A SURVIVOR. 

See, the thing is, for so long I would complain about my life. I remember being a small child and being angry at God because my life wasn’t likeany one I knew. I never met my father, my mother had a loose hand, and I seemed to never be able to finish an entire school year in just ONE school. I spent most of my life back and forth between my grandmother's  care and my mom’s. I’ve lived in shelters, been exposed to abusive caregivers, and learned what it felt like to go to bed hungry. I even lived out of a car with my mom for a bit. I was sexually assaulted as a child and felt like I was haunted for most of my life.. I couldn’t understand why, even with all the faith I had, I has to go through so much hurt. And I came to realize, I’m meant to be a survivor. I have survived childhood traumas, 6 years in the army and time in a warzone, and being a victim of bullying, even in adulthood! 

And so now, I’m honored to be who I am. I take my insecurities and wear them proudly. I do my best to give my children the life I never had. I advocate for body positivity, awareness of mental health, and rebuilding and preserving my culture. And I look at every day, every challenge, and every setback with a smile, because I know that I will survive that, too. 

East Pendragon is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Why am I not like the other kids?
Because I listened to what I heard and that was it
As though that’s all there was
getting in trouble for causing a fuss

when I’d continue to ask questions
knowing there was something else behind the lessons
just to come up short when taking the tests and
never getting the answers
as I swore there was more
but made to think I was just guessing

To speak my mind becoming timid and scared
sound of my voice or get awkward stares
for being myself so deciding to just fit in
then to find I dampened the light I was given

From the source of it all
penning through ink and playing ball
tom boyish yet underlying my true gifts
5’2 and a half but today I can stand stall

Considered strange stating the universe has a depth of Love
as I speak of truth and have an understanding of
the purpose behind my rhymes and consciousness
the same thing I held back then, today I trust

The message is clear and the intention is deep
embrace your vision and practice your creed
the unifying practice of compassion is needed
in the present moment is where all elevation is seeded

Connor Davis is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


“Your love for dinosaurs.” -My Best Friend
“Experience. That’s about it.” -My cousin
I dare say there are others with a love for giant Jurassic reptiles, so it's not VASTLY unique. And apart from a few freckles, the sound of my voice, and a handful of unpopular opinions (regarding tomatoes, wearing socks to bed, and the consumption of multivitamins). 
What DOES make me different then? My boy Poe put it best.
“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
I dream with my eyes open. I dream proactively.
I chase my dreams with every step I take. 
I say things. I do them. 
Show me someone else in my generation who actually follows through with plans.
THAT’S how I’m not like “other kids”. BECAUSE that’s how I dream.

Connor Davis @pigeon_brisk

Special Shout to Maralee Nielson

Andrew Daniell is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Hmmm why am I not like them other kids? Well first I would love to start with the most important reason, we were all created by God to be different and live with a purpose here in this short life. A purpose that in one way or another, impacts others and helps them serve their purpose and so on. We’ve all been blessed with gifts. I also feel what makes me different than most, is that I’ve learn to utilize my gifts to its fullest potential to help serve others. I don’t use my gifts for self gain. I use my gifts to encourage, inspire, and help others in any way possible In hopes to create a domino effect of blessings for the next person. Everyone matters. If you woke up today, then you have some serving to do. Use those gifts because it’s a blessing to be a blessing in someone else’s life. Who knows what tipping that 1st domino can do in the long run.

Samuel Kwame Mensah is Not like the Other Kids

Amanda Giordano


I believe I’m like the other kids, but what makes me stand out among them is my desire and willingness not to just be an observer by doing nothing to better my generation as the light of this world. My job is to assist Jesus and His assignments for a better and a prosperous world. I realize that we are all change agents in this world and fortunately for me I’m in a continent/country that needs massive change in all sectors. Therefore, I do not have the luxury to not contribute to the growth of my continent.

According to Tapiwa Chiwewe, he was driving in Johannesburg one day and he noticed an enormous cloud of air pollution hanging over the city. He was curious and concerned but not an environmental expert. So he did research and discovered that nearly 14 percent of all deaths worldwide in 2012 were caused by household and ambient air pollution. With this knowledge and an urge to do something about it, Chiwewe and his colleagues developed a platform that uncovers trends in pollution and helps city planners make a better decision. “Sometimes just one fresh perspective, one new skill set, can make the conditions right for something remarkable to happen,” Chiwewe says.  “But you need to be bold enough to try”.

A lot of kids in Africa know they are the leaders of tomorrow and people that will change the narrative of this great continent by involving themselves and act on the change we seek, but the series of things happening discourages them to want to involve themselves in anything that will make a difference. They are not willing to be ambassadors for change, and a lot of African kids settle and just accept anything. Their love for the continent or their country is no longer there, some of them want nothing but to travel out of this continent.

I have identified a problem in my country/continent and I set out to find solutions to this problem. I cannot solve that problem if I am far away from home. Africa is my home, and my home is where my heart is, which led to the birth of my organization, Umbrella Ghana. Umbrella Ghana is a Pan African Organization that seeks to empower and educate young Ghanaians, encouraging them to participate in the development of the country to benefit our children’s children, and at the same time we preach unity and strong bond of brotherhood and sisterhood among Ghanaians. In a continent/ country that’s known for every man for himself, we set out on our mission to walk with love. The Bible says of the three things Love, Hope and Faith, the greatest of them all is LOVE. Umbrella Ghana is partnering with another organization to accomplish this goal, Hope For That African Child. This organization seeks to help and support kids in rural villages and to assist families who cannot afford to take care of their wards.  

I remember in my second year in college, the Lord gave me the idea to start Umbrella Ghana. I was determined to be approved by my school congress and for it to be established as a student organization because I knew the benefit it would have on the students even after my departure. I had to face resistance, people mocking at the name (Umbrella Ghana), and friends telling me to drop the idea saying that I was wasting my time and I will be a graduate soon. But, even then I knew I was like these kids, but what made me stand out was my desire and willingness not to just be a bystander but to make sure there is an organization on campus that will equip these bright minds about Africa and also motivate them to stand up and fight for that change that they so desire. What they said to me back then motivated me to keep pushing. As I was waiting for congress to invite me to defend my organization I was already setting up my team and I had a Patron (Mr Akurang Perry, Former Head of Kwabena Nketia Center of Africana Studies). The day the school congress invited me, I was excited and nervous, but I already told Mr. Akurrang Perry I will be defending the organization that day and he said “I don’t think congress will ever turn this down when they hear what you have observed and the solutions to this observation and the benefit it will be for the students”.

I was standing in front of students who laughed at the name and students who supported the idea and when I began talking the only thing that was in my mind was not the faces of people who laughed at me and my idea, but the consequence of me not acting on what I have observed. When I finished talking, a certain lady stood up and she said “If Umbrella Ghana fail to organize two programs next semester the organization will be removed from the school.” I was saying to myself, you can’t tell a hungry man who haven’t eaten for days not to eat after you have given him food. That day Umbrella Ghana was approved at the African University College of Communications and ready to start the job it was born to do. The next semester I was in my final year and we launched the organization under the auspices of Kwabena Nketia Center for African Studies. We invited Emeritus Kwabena Nketia to be part of our celebration and he honored our invitation, but I was not finished. Congress had requested two programs by the end of the semester.

The last program was a group of African American women coming to the school under Umbrella Ghana to speak to the students which haven’t been done before. The former Dean of communications, Mr. Abeku Blankson, called me to his office and he told me he heard that a group of African American women are coming to the school and why didn’t I involve the school to be a part of it because this is huge. I was standing there with smiles on my face and he offered we use his office to receive the guest. When the program finished a lot of students were amazed, some students and school workers came up to me to congratulate the Organization. In 2016 Umbrella Ghana was awarded “Selfless and Dedicated Service”. This award was presented to the organization by; The Nigerian Students Association (AUCC Chapter). Till today Umbrella Ghana is still a students Organization at the African University College of Communications empowering bright minds to be generational thinkers. And the Mother body is out there on a mission to empower Ghanaian youth across the nation and also to preach the message of peace and oneness among Africans as a Pan African organization.

To answer your question, what makes me stand out among the other kids is my desire and my willingness to be a part of something bigger than myself, which is God Almighty’s plan for me to be a light to this world. We don’t have to be an expert to solve big problems. “The world is going to say to you what are you going to do? Do not be afraid to say I know I can’t do everything, but I can do something.”– Cleo Wade.