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Tobin Osusky is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


When they die, they’re dead. When I died, I came back a Superhuman version of my self, stronger and smarter than ever. Since my actual death in 2003 I have achieved all of my dreams without hesitation.

I broke my neck and back and now I work to Rehabilitate others with Spinal Cord Injuries and Traumatic Head Injuries. 

During my healing process, Amethyst Crystals sped up my healing process; now I work for the planets most successful Crystal Mining & Wholesale company. 

I founded and own a wildly influential Holistic Fitness brand named Qinesis, that has majorly improved the fitness consciousness in Northern NJ/NYC over the last 5-8 years, across the board forcing Industry Leaders to adapt to the change we initiated.

I also design all clothes and products for THNK also known as The High Nature Kids.

I am a board member for several Non-Profits focused on feeding and clothing the Homeless of NJ, also Outdoor Education and Natural Awareness programs. 

I want you to be happier.

V-Henny is Not like the other kids Interview

Amanda Giordano


I’m not like the other kids because even as a child, I was always full of questions, curious about with what life has to offer, hard-headed, a risk taker and never satisfied by mediocrity. I found myself writing to ease my deep rooted pain as I listened to the words from a song to see if they too, can relate. I went from writing poetry to writing Hip Hop lyrics, transitioning into radio which then opened up another chapter, event planning. Although I’ve failed many times, I always manage to get back up. A kid with a broken paint brush, who never gives up, always sees the vision and paints a bigger picture.  

I believed in dreaming big even when it caused fear in my heart and soul. Life will always be beautiful. Precisely the reason I take chances when it comes to following my dreams. I appreciate the experiences and the lessons from it all. I’m a girl from The Bronx that had an unstable and challenging childhood. A girl who dropped out of high school at the age of 16, just a kid who decided not to quit and get her G.E.D. A dreamer who decided to follow her path, that of a dreamer. To work hard, sleepless nights and be consistent, as she day dreams.  

I’m not like the other kids, unlike the 98% of them, they grew up and life forced them to change their goals and dreams. I continue to dream big. I continue to have passion and dedication, knowing that there’s more to life, wanting to be heard, help others and make my dreams come true. 


I am not like the other kids Because 

I am an Artist

I am an Entrepreneur

I am a Fighter  

I Am a Dreamer


Adrianna Rivera is not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Hi! My name is Adrianna. And I’m not like the other kids. 

I mean, I know that to be a fact. But for the past week or so, I struggled to find a word that describes why exactly I’m “not like the other kids”. 

Then it hit me. I'M A SURVIVOR. 

See, the thing is, for so long I would complain about my life. I remember being a small child and being angry at God because my life wasn’t likeany one I knew. I never met my father, my mother had a loose hand, and I seemed to never be able to finish an entire school year in just ONE school. I spent most of my life back and forth between my grandmother's  care and my mom’s. I’ve lived in shelters, been exposed to abusive caregivers, and learned what it felt like to go to bed hungry. I even lived out of a car with my mom for a bit. I was sexually assaulted as a child and felt like I was haunted for most of my life.. I couldn’t understand why, even with all the faith I had, I has to go through so much hurt. And I came to realize, I’m meant to be a survivor. I have survived childhood traumas, 6 years in the army and time in a warzone, and being a victim of bullying, even in adulthood! 

And so now, I’m honored to be who I am. I take my insecurities and wear them proudly. I do my best to give my children the life I never had. I advocate for body positivity, awareness of mental health, and rebuilding and preserving my culture. And I look at every day, every challenge, and every setback with a smile, because I know that I will survive that, too.