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Dream Warriors Intro


Dream Warriors Intro


Written by Jessie C

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Welcome all Stereotypeco supporters, I want to thank you for taking your time out to check out the NEW ADDITION!! Yes stereotypeco has a blog and this segment will be introduced as “Dream Warriors” segment. I will be posting an interview with someone new every week, different ages, male or female, different locations, backgrounds and dreams. We will focus on a series of questions towards their dreams and sharing personal life experiences and people like you and I . Before we start having fun with all of that ; I want to give you guys an idea of more or less what I believe someone should be called a “Dream Warrior”. A “Dream Warrior” is a person that fights for their dreams but while in the process facing trials and tribulations but never giving up. It can be multiple dreams or just one, just as long they’re passionate about it and never gave up on it. Anything that happens to you can, (as they say) “Make you or break you”. We can easily discuss all of the positive and successful stories but this article will go behind the scenes and bring to light more of the “break you” scenarios that everyday people face.

I will be interviewing with local and non-local “Dream Warriors” and get their answers to these questions which are key factors on what makes them who they are. Are you ready?