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Jordan Barone is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


"I am not like the other kids because of my willingness to bet it all on my craft. I eat, breath, sleep, dream, and live music. There’s pictures of me at the piano as early as 2 years old. I began producing with my brother at age 9. I was set on this path way before I knew how it would manifest itself in every aspect of my life. 


Everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness. For me, this would be to make a living by waking up, walking down to the studio, and creating for the largest portion of my day. I believe this is attainable, and this goal has set me in an organized, yet manic frenzy. 


I really took the jump when I began interning as an audio engineer at multiple recording studios in NYC. The city represented the largest of what my dreams could be. I was in rooms with the stars, so close, yet so far. But it drove me, kept me awake for more than 24 hours at a time. 


Not much changed when I made the switch to be an artist. I created around the clock. A hummed melody could turn into a full sonata, and no genre could bind me. I could be Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” over Wu-Tang inspired sampled drums. I'd dream of music, wake up, and rush to bring the idea to fruition. I even forget to eat sometimes, that’s how deep I get in it. I’ve been trying to find the balance so that I don’t lose all aspects of a social life, and so that I still spend quality time with family. But to be honest, it’s all just patchwork, and I’m itching until I can create again.


I’m sure there are some others like me, but I know they are rare. It's my wish to not only create, but have my inner voice and melodies heard, sometimes playing soft, or sometimes screaming boldly, but one way or another, stating clearly- I am not like the other kids. " - Jordan Barone

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DJ Damac Dangeroom Episode 29 #RespectThyDJ



#RespectThyDj DJ Damac brings you Episode 29 of Dangeroom Radio. Hip Hop lovers get ready for a great mix.

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Watch & Learn from Eddy how to throw an Amazing 18th Bday Party at Hub 17 (Photos & Videos)


At age 18 a lot of kids are just dreaming about what they want to do when they get older. Some kids dream of being a rapper and putting their team on. Well Eddy I is living that dream. He booked his own birthday party with some help of his friends to make Happy EDay. 

The first 25 attendees were given exclusive Ed Heads & Amazin sitckers designed by Dave Noodlez. Check out the photos below of his friends and family repping the Ed Heads. 

Staten Island residents Paul Marz, Rebel & Starda. The night was filled with good vibes. 

What up Staten. #whatupmarz #statenisland #emcee #rap #hiphop #rap #egyptian #happyeday

A video posted by Paul Marz (@pmarz) on

When it was time for the birthday guy to perform he didn't make it all about himself. He brought his whole Project Sound crew with him. Every song he brought out one of his homies. He shouted everyone who performed and even made a special shout out to his girlfriend Nicole. Eddy is a good kid with a bright future. It was the first event of it's kind at Hub 17. It's safe to say that Mr. EI had an amazing birthday.

@therealeddyi did an #Amazin job performing at #HappyEday. #eddyi

A video posted by #ProjectYourself (@projectivity) on

Check out the photos courtesy of Adam Smith @smithproductionsnyc