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Not like the other kids Mia Isabella Benefit


This past Wednesday December 4th, artists, DJ's, Musicians and people from NYC came together for the first 'Not like the other kids' event. This event was to help raise funds & awareness for Mia Isabella, a young girl from Staten Island, NY fighting A.L.L. Leukemia. Not like the other kids is a movement founded to support people in need and remind the world that we should celebrate being who we are.

The night consisted of DJ sets by DJ Bembona & DJ U-Kno, performances by Carl Sherron & Starda, a live painting by La Femme Cheri and art on display by WPG4. Stereotype Co hosted a photoshoot with models Teiaia, Marissa, Iinndu, Pauline, Dj Chiinky, Gabrielle and more.

This is one of many nights to help and bring awareness to the cause. If you are aware of someone that could use help. Contact us

Check out the photos courtesy of Angie LM Vasquez @angielmv

If you haven't picked up you're 'Not like the other kids' merchandise visit

Disabled doesn't Mean Unable 'Breaking The Stereotype w/Jermaine Greaves [Exclusive Interview]'


We met Jermaine at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival a few years ago. They say it's a small world and once you meet someone you start seeing them often. Well we have seen Jermaine at a bunch of other events. Even though he may be physically disabled it doesn't stop him from getting around and making a difference. We linked up with this Jermaine to speak about events he has helped put together, highlights & bloopers from them, moments he was stereotyped, the time he broke a stereotype and more. Check it and leave a comment below 

We see you have worked really hard on the Brooklyn Music Festival? Describe a day in the life of a coordinator.

The Day In the Life Of Being able to Coordinate events is fun. There is a big difference in what you can coordinate based on environment. I have organized parties, in- stores and festivals. My mentor Nova Bonila of Nova entertaimment Group saw something in me that a lot of others in the business overlooked. I have an ablity to push myself and never giving up. 

What other events have you helped coordinate, promote? 

When I first started promoting i promoted in the electrical warehouse studio. 10 of those were not my event but I learned how to get people to promote and what the audience is looking for. I have promoted with CJ, Millann, Kyle Kingzly and Kami. I also had the opportunity to volunteer for Afropunk.

Can you tell us about a time where something went wrong? Tell us what you did to fix it.

I think for me one thing that I can say is that things always go wrong at an event every now and then is people ability to follow through. I also stop looking to blame others for why things fail. Sometimes you have to take a step back and really look at why are people are. Is it to waste your time or to add to it? I'm still learning this now.  


What was the first party you helped put together?

The first event I ever did on my own and actually enjoy put together twice was 'Gold Grills and Trills'. It truly motivated me to keep going and I did two more after that. I believe in show me how much support i ha but i wasn't as knowledgeable on the business side but as I got better I learn some of the things over time .


Have you ever been Stereotyped?

Yes definitely. Growing up I knew I was different from the other kids because I could not physically do what their were doing as in run or walk or even being able to play like the other kids. I was teased and bullied as a kid as a kid because I of my disability. I have even been called retard as a west indian black man I was told to go back to my country. On the topic of racism I face growing up I went to summer camp and someone call me an oreo. Unsure of term I laugh until I realized what their were saying. It was because I talked proper or as their said  I was whitewashed. As I got a lot older another major turning point happened in my life when I moved out my parents due to issue at home and school. It was March 2013 and I was 20 at the time. I wasn't ready for was the very quiet job market I literally could only find work in the spring or summer after that I was torn between promoting and wanting a job I would work and just be sad. Even worst I would invest money into events where I lost a lot of money I did lots on my own because I didn't trust a soul and I was screwed over mutliple times by promoters and other close to me my last job was November 2014.  It a tough reality. I had to fight as I got older the job market only see a social security check and find a job that suit me has been a challenge. I'm still going through it but blogs and other people who have reach out keep me going I have work for money and no money and I believe that if your passionate it will shine through. 

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you?

Everyday i believes I break a stereotype. I compare myself to Stevie Wonder. He was blind but created the best music in the last 20-30 years that is forever timeless. I think for me I'm so used to being the underdog that when i surprise people it's unexpected. Then when I think of how far I have come in this game. It wasnt easy but I kept pushing. Some people want me to model, do a phootshoot, be in video or even get a chance to meet spike lee but here I'm all for being different. Being on my own people perceptives I couldnt handle it or doing it but I continue to push regardless.


What are your dreams for 2016?

My dream for 2016 is to work with new people, learn from those around me and continue to grow daily.


Where and when is your next event? 

April 28 Bushwick Public House


What is some advice you can give someone getting into the world of throwing parties?

Have a plan and get a mentor. If you get someone with more experience than you things can truly change. Take advice from anybody in this industry that has more experience. Learn to read contracts and put a value on yourself. Don't let anyone tell you they cant pay you just walk away and keep it moving. Don't be a victim to just being a label in nightlife. Definitely stay yourself as an individual and stay true to who you are. Don't try to fit in. Others will either hate you or love you for it. Set goals, make lists, read and be patient. Your time will come. Be ready 


Where can people find you on social media?  

Instagram @Lovelife45

Facebook Jermaine Greaves

Here are some videos from Jermains event's