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Surround Yourself with Greatness By Abby Daniella


By Abby Daniella

Let’s bring it back to the good ol high school days: your parents are bugging you about who you’re hanging out with.  

"Nah mom, Tracy ain’t a bad friend."  (A month later you can’t stand her. And now you have a new best friend) 

You hate to admit it, but she was right. 

You're realizing that “you are who you hang out with” is such a true statement.

If you’re around people that (unknowingly) tear you down and tell you that you’re dreaming too big, you'll soon believe it.

What they're projecting on you is what's been projected on them whether they realize it or not.

This is why it’s important to surround yourself with greatness. 

Who you hang out with is a reflection of who you are.

You ever notice that your ambitious and successful friends are usually the ones encouraging you to push yourself? Think about it.

Is there anyone around you NOT doing that?  Doing the opposite?

Drop him, her, or them and start building with those that share similar qualities and interests. Go where they are and you'll stand out to THEM. 

They're looking for you too!

If you surround yourself with energy that builds you up, makes you to grow, and challenges you to be a better you, you’re going to be greater tomorrow than you are today.

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