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Shift Your Competitive Mindset Today #MondayMotivation w/Abby Daniella


Written By Abby Daniella

Get to the top by any means necessary, right? You don't have to destroy the next person to reach your destination. Or do you? This is what most of us are taught our whole lives -- at least that's how we're acting. That there is limited opportunity to succeed. There's not enough to go around. "Get it before the next man can". Screw that, let me help you see why you should CREATE instead of COMPETE.  Your creative mindset brings value and meaning to how you attack life and pretty much everything you set your mind to. Your creative mindset allows you to see what others can't.

Your creative mindset eliminates judgment and embraces curiosity, which only leads to more of your questions being answered... more of your problems getting solved. The reason most of us fail? We haven’t defined our destination and the path we’re going to take to get there. Really think about that for a second. Because what I'm noticing with our competitive mindset is that it makes us upset with the next person when they've successfully figured out how to live their dream. When they've figured out the thing that we want for ourselves but are too prideful to say, "I don't know how to do that yet, but I'd love to learn".  It's like we're looking for a shortcut every single time.

A creative mindset allows you to see this, become inspired, and understand that you can learn something from everything and everyone around you. There's more than enough for everyone. Maybe you can update your approach. Maybe you can make a slight tweak. We live in a world where everyone's competing. But do we know what we're really competing for? Are you thinking about what someone else is doing, why they have what they have, how they're going about building what theirs building more than you're focused on what you can create to live to your highest potential? Don't be that guy, bro. Just create.

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