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Monday is Actually Good For You [#MondayMotivation w/Abby Daniella]


Written by: Abby Daniella   
Sunday evening hits and you're laying in bed thinking "damn, tomorrow is Monday?"

Now, you're going over (in your head) everything that has to get done this week.

"@#$% whoever made up this calendar."

I've been there many times too and if you ask me, Monday's get a bad rep. But, it's a blessing in disguise. How?

Planning to start a healthy habit, but been procrastinating?

Today would be the perfect day to get the ball rolling on that.

Because it's another chance to start fresh and get it right. To at least get the wheels turning.

Let's be real: we can't escape all the struggle. So why complain?

This thought is a constant reminder. One that keeps us mature, grounded, and in-tune with reality.

You have at least 4 fresh starts a month to be in more control than you already are. Is this really THAT bad?

Too difficult? Too much to handle?

Monday is not your enemy. She can actually be your bestie.

You're not going to love everything about her all the time.

But I bet if you wake up next to her with a positive attitude, you'll have a better week than everyone who woke up today complaining, hoping that things would just "fall into place."

Carefully create your space and everything will fall where it's supposed to.

And it's always good to have a sense of directon. Let us know in the comments ONE thing you'll do differently this week to steer it towards your final destination.

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