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3 things You Can Do Differently starting Tomorrow Morning (#MondayMotivation with Abby Daniella)


Written by Abby Daniella

What exactly is it? How can you catch it before it leaves? Where do you go next? These are the same questions that race through my mind, too. It could be a person, place, or experience that makes you want to do something... create something. You’ve just had the BEST conversation with your mentor and feel like punching life in the mouth. Or you're at that spot you go after a long day at your shitty 9-5, collecting and organizing all your random thoughts. You're changing how you’ll attack your work this week. For real. No excuses this time. It’s like reading a good book. Every sentence has you hooked- elevating you to this “just keep going” state of mind. The same mindset you constantly crave to help pave your path but, of course, life gets in the way. Somehow you find a way to get stuck. Embarrassed that someone will find you broken down on the side of the road before you get yourself together again. But your creativity ALWAYS bounces back. Or does it? You know why you’re here. You know there's more. You’re in this tug of war with who you are and who you want to be. Where you're at. And where you're going. I call it Mental Bootcamp. Today, what's your decision going to be? Do you ignore the voices of those who don't believe in your dopeness? Or do you tell yourself that someone else deserves it more? Either way, you're in control of this inspiration more than you think! Let me know three things you're going to do differently starting tomorrow morning.  

Here are mine:

1) Search Amazon for the 3 most popular books on communication and marketing

2) Create a simple plan to better organize future projects

3) Start recording at least one new idea on my phone for the next 7 days

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