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East Pendragon is Not like the other kids


East Pendragon is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


Why am I not like the other kids?
Because I listened to what I heard and that was it
As though that’s all there was
getting in trouble for causing a fuss

when I’d continue to ask questions
knowing there was something else behind the lessons
just to come up short when taking the tests and
never getting the answers
as I swore there was more
but made to think I was just guessing

To speak my mind becoming timid and scared
sound of my voice or get awkward stares
for being myself so deciding to just fit in
then to find I dampened the light I was given

From the source of it all
penning through ink and playing ball
tom boyish yet underlying my true gifts
5’2 and a half but today I can stand stall

Considered strange stating the universe has a depth of Love
as I speak of truth and have an understanding of
the purpose behind my rhymes and consciousness
the same thing I held back then, today I trust

The message is clear and the intention is deep
embrace your vision and practice your creed
the unifying practice of compassion is needed
in the present moment is where all elevation is seeded