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Cmazin - Road to Paradise 2 Interview


Cmazin - Road to Paradise 2 Interview

Amanda Giordano

Why did you make this album?

I made this album early last year while I was going through a break up with a woman I was with for 6 years. I decided to speak about the emotions I was going through and release my stress through my music. I felt that if I gave up on myself I would never see paradise. 

What inspired the title 'Road to Paradise 2'?

The Word “Paradise” is what inspired me. Paradise to me is a place where happiness lives. Where people spread positivity where land is your biggest appreciation. Therefore I’m On The Road to happiness. 

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?
If I could remix one song on my album it would be “Wrongs”. I would want to do a dancehall remix version of it and would have Tory lanez and fabulous feature on it. Tory brings a great sound and content to remix songs so def him. Fabulous is just fab lowkey the king of features so def would have my boy come lay down a fire verse. 

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc
First I want to say shoutout to my ex she helped make this album by putting me through what she put me through. I want to thank DevoRaw for producing Three songs on this project ( I gotta Vent , On The Road , Put you on) DevoRaw Has the hottest beats out now and helped bring a lot to this project. I also want to send a big thank you to real job Hason for engineering the album. He made everything sound professional to the best it can be. RealJobStudios the best studio Out In Staten Island. I also want to thank My Manager MikeLoco for the support behind the tape regarding legal work , promotion , marketing , etc. MikeLoco helped with everything I needed for the album appreciate him. 

What is your favorite track? Why?

My favorite track on the tape is “Wrongs” for a couple reasons. Wrongs is such a powerful song. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to the female I was dating. Till I realize that Im great myself I should love myself more then I would act like I did. I realize that every other guy was basic to me why would this woman look else where. I became so curious , was I writing my wrongs with this woman or was I wasting my time on someone who might not love me as much as I do. That’s how that song came about. 

What is your goal as an artist?

I got three goals.

1. Buy my momma a beautiful crib pay off anything she needs me to pay off and give her the world  

2. I want to donate millions of dollars to charities 

3. I want to break every record people think I can’t break and be the best I can be so I can leave a legacy for my kids to look up to. 

When did you know you wanted to make music?

I discover the art of music when I came across the legend “Micheal Jackson” I loved the swag that man had on stage. He was unstoppable, very creative , and a smooth criminal. His song writing skills his moves his power of an artist is what inspired me every single day to become a singer and follow my dreams. 

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more

I don’t have any dreams I live everything I use to dream about. Now this dream is reality everyday for me. 

Some last words : I want to say shoutout to stereotype for always showing love and being a great brand love you guys. Shoutout to all my supporters I love every single one of y’all. Thank you to everyone who helped on this project. I got more music on the way look out for new videos , new interview , more shows. We working everyday to be the best never stop following your dreams. Never give up. Love yourself and you will see how far you get. Cmazin World