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Norf Shore - 'Sentimental Value' Interview

Amanda Giordano


Why did you make this album?

Sentimential Value was made to inspire the next generation to create their own sound rather than follow a wave. 

What inspired the title 'Sentimental Value'?

Sentimential Value is another way to save love. The title and original idea was "Music that you can feel "did you feel it?

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?

If I could do a remix of any track on sentimental value it would be "Mr.Shore" feat. Lil Debbie. I have a couple true Norf Shore supporters in the bay area

which is San Fransico, California and I look forward to expanding my reach.

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc.

Sentimental Value credits go to Amg, Christian Penn, G.lokko, Mike Lugo, Kartist and Tymelez. Like myself Kartist is a Artist/Producer who assisted me in the majority of my EP. Kartist produced "2K" and "Uhaul". Kartist featured on "SOMOS MORAENOS" which is also our music duo. So if you enjoyed Sentimental Value you're going to love

Somos Moraenos the group coming very soon. My engineers Christian Penn and Mike Lugo provived me a space to record the best possible takes. Christian Penn who runs his organization called "Projctivity" which provided a solid support system for my brand to grow. Mike Lugo who runs his studio out in Brookyln "House of Fire NYC". 

What is your favorite track? Why?

My favorite track would have to be "Mr.Shore". I feel like it's neccessary for every artist to have a introduction track. Yes, I have made music before, But have I introduced myself?

When did you know you wanted to make music?

I wanted to make music back in Highschool. The enviornment was triving with creativity. I decied to start with beats than I wanted more.

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream? Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more.

My dream is just getting started. Sentimental value is one for the books. My next dream is to become more business minded. Change my environment and watch for results.

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it

Yes I have. Actually recently someone called my phone by mistake on face time. It was a 

Korean man, Due to color-ism in the east, out of fear he tossed his phone in the air. But after he hid his face we began to talk. I told him one of my music inspiration was 2NE1 which is a K pop group. After that conversation we got along just fine. Which got me thinking how us as a people can unite art and activism to spread a message. 

What advice would you give to something that is looking to pursuit their dreams?

To the people that are pursuing their dreams don't conform to the powers that be.

3 Things We Love About Battlerap


Stereotype Co are proud supporters of artists. We especially love the underground scene. We have had the opportunity to take part of over 100 underground music events. 

If you are unfamiliar with battle rap we think it's time to get acquainted. If you are a fan of Competitive Sports, Wrestling, Hip Hop, Drama, Comedy and Community you will probably appreciate this scene as much as we do. Here are 3 reasons why we love battlerap

1. It reminds us of wrestling

We loved wrestling growing up and we find many similarities to battle rap and wrestling such as the build up, the anticipation, the personalities, the shit talking and the fanbases colliding.  When the two battle rappers enter the ring everyone is quiet but when they spit their bars people react and the vibe is intense.

2. The rappers take their lyrics serious

Battle rappers take their lyrics seriously. They spend many days preparing their set to make their performance the most effective.  The bars are creative, funny, witty and genius. Shout out to all the battle rappers that take their bars serious. We love lyrics.

3. Community

The battle rap community is our favorite thing about it. Everyone is really supportive and it's like a family. 2 weeks ago we crashed at Cris Cain's (Beastmode Battles) place the entire weekend. We all hung out, exchanged stories, watched sports and recapped our favorite moments from the 2 battle rap events that happened. There is no violence, no beef, no hate just talented, competitive, passionate people that are all there to share their love for hip hop in a dope way.

Today you won't want to miss the BEASTMODE BATTLES event at Richmond Hood

First Look at the 'In Gloom, We Bloom Brand Fall 2015 Collection


The Ninth Plague was created by Paul DiPaola intent on making a living doing what he knows best, to create. Their motto. "In Gloom, We Bloom" represents the ability to overcome his trying life and make something of himself. See their latest pieces below.

Check them out on Instagram @theninthplague at see their latest Fall 2015 collection at

Staten Island Street Art Map


This is a map of the outdoor murals in the Staten Island Art District along the North Shore of Staten Island in New York City.  It covers from Snug Harbor Cultural Center to Fort Wadsworth, focusing on Bay St. and Richmond Terrace.  It is a work in progress.  This map and this site will evolve along with the rapidly growing public art movement on SI.  The image above can be downloaded to a phone for access without internet.  Photos of all the murals on this map are located in the North Shore Map section of this site.  This map is revised as of the date printed on it; it is also just a guide, come find all the hidden gems throughout the streets of Staten Island.

The idea for this map came about when SI artist Kwue Molly took note of all the highly visible, but widely overlooked murals near his home along Bay St.  Dozens of artists have contributed individually to make this 4 mile stretch a vast canvas for all different styles and genres of art.  It only made sense to create some kind of guide to showcase all the artwork in the area.  Kwue teamed up with Projectivity and received a grant from SI Arts to develop a map.  After taking photographs and developing the idea more, they worked with graphic designer Marcus Allen to develop the downloadable map available today.  This is an ongoing project, and will be updated as more murals go up in the area.  The website will also grow with more interviews, articles, pictures, videos, event listings and more info on the enormous art scene that is all over Staten Island.  Stay tuned.

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