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What Are Your Predictions for Beastmode NY 2/26/16


We're all really hype for BEASTMODE NY this Friday at Overspray. We wanted to ask you all to leave your predictions below. 


5 Standout Rap Battles from 2015 by Lexx Luthor


We asked Lexx Luthor what were 5 standout battles from 2015. Here's what he had to say in no special order. Check them out and let us know yours.

Who: Jus Def Vs Cain Marco

When: December 27th, 2015

Where: Richmond Hood Company


Who: Aries vs Dunsh

When: October 31st, 2015

Where: Richmond Hood Company

Who: Nova vs Flash

Where: Richmond Hood

Vicci Vs Younga

Where: Richmond Hood

MyBlock Bezi vs Skitzo

Where: Richmond Hood

What was your top 5?

Leave a comment,share and subscribe to Beastmode Battles on youtube

Hope to see everyone this Saturday at Hashtag Bar for BMNY

Watch Lexx's latest battle Vs Bangz

3 Things We Love About Battlerap


Stereotype Co are proud supporters of artists. We especially love the underground scene. We have had the opportunity to take part of over 100 underground music events. 

If you are unfamiliar with battle rap we think it's time to get acquainted. If you are a fan of Competitive Sports, Wrestling, Hip Hop, Drama, Comedy and Community you will probably appreciate this scene as much as we do. Here are 3 reasons why we love battlerap

1. It reminds us of wrestling

We loved wrestling growing up and we find many similarities to battle rap and wrestling such as the build up, the anticipation, the personalities, the shit talking and the fanbases colliding.  When the two battle rappers enter the ring everyone is quiet but when they spit their bars people react and the vibe is intense.

2. The rappers take their lyrics serious

Battle rappers take their lyrics seriously. They spend many days preparing their set to make their performance the most effective.  The bars are creative, funny, witty and genius. Shout out to all the battle rappers that take their bars serious. We love lyrics.

3. Community

The battle rap community is our favorite thing about it. Everyone is really supportive and it's like a family. 2 weeks ago we crashed at Cris Cain's (Beastmode Battles) place the entire weekend. We all hung out, exchanged stories, watched sports and recapped our favorite moments from the 2 battle rap events that happened. There is no violence, no beef, no hate just talented, competitive, passionate people that are all there to share their love for hip hop in a dope way.

Today you won't want to miss the BEASTMODE BATTLES event at Richmond Hood