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Jason Maek & Zaena - Fashion Week: The Visual Album


"Libyan born electro popstar, Zaena, reunites with controversial label mate, Jason Maek, for their second full-length project, Fashion Week: The Visual Album. The duo is back after taking a year away from music shortly after the release of their first project Maek Pandamonium. Their first album received millions of views, was featured on MTV, VEVO, eight film festivals, and considered one of the best electronic music projects of 2014.

“This could be one of the best music projects of the year.”~ MTV

“They are awesomely insane! Spend some time with them. Get to know them. Become friends. It’s worth it.”~ VEVO

“Jason Maek and Zaena released one of the best music projects on the planet.”

Fashion Week, is a ten song, seventeen video visual album set to release during Spring Fashion Week. The duo took a unique approach with this album, from the prospective of designers rather than producers.

"We wanted this project to feel like a collection rather than an album," said Zaena. "We worked with and learned from so many amazing designers to learn their process. 

We took their approach and incorporated it with our own to create something really unique that we feel music and fashion fans alike can appreciate." 

Once again the industry's crème dela crème have lined up to work with the refreshingly creative duo. The project has gained support from some of the top tastemakers in fashion and it set to debut on Vevo and MTV."

Stereotype co got some great things in store with Jason Maek & Zaena this year. Stay tuned



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The Purple Tape Collection [Richmond Hood Exclusive]


This hat is dedicated to one of the illest emcees Raekwon. In honor of the‪#‎OB4CL‬ we linked with Richmond Hood Company to bring you this exclusive.

Now available at Richmond Hood
827 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY

Shout out to Tariq Zaid for providing the freshness to Shaolin since day 1.

Stereotype7 Glow in the Art Fashion Show I Exclusive


On October 10, 2015 we celebrated our 7th anniversary with a 'Glow in the Art' fashion show featuring one of a kind designs from
Chris RWK, Magie Serpica, John Exit, Tiffany Porcu, Unicorn Empress, Erin Kilbane and Phkr. The fashion show was curated by Creative Director David Nudelman. 

This fashion show was part of an event 'Artvasion' Stereotype Co collaborated with Erin Kilbane to create at Hub 17. This was the official afterparty of the 'Illuminate Stapleton' neighborhood festival

Justin Manning, Katie Fogg, Nuu Knynez, Lindsey Taters, William Perry, Grayson Adams, Mary Hanna & Disha Poole

Choreography by Nuu Knynez

Directed by Matty J

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First Look at the 'In Gloom, We Bloom Brand Fall 2015 Collection


The Ninth Plague was created by Paul DiPaola intent on making a living doing what he knows best, to create. Their motto. "In Gloom, We Bloom" represents the ability to overcome his trying life and make something of himself. See their latest pieces below.

Check them out on Instagram @theninthplague at see their latest Fall 2015 collection at