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Stereotype7 Glow in the Art Fashion Show I Exclusive


On October 10, 2015 we celebrated our 7th anniversary with a 'Glow in the Art' fashion show featuring one of a kind designs from
Chris RWK, Magie Serpica, John Exit, Tiffany Porcu, Unicorn Empress, Erin Kilbane and Phkr. The fashion show was curated by Creative Director David Nudelman. 

This fashion show was part of an event 'Artvasion' Stereotype Co collaborated with Erin Kilbane to create at Hub 17. This was the official afterparty of the 'Illuminate Stapleton' neighborhood festival

Justin Manning, Katie Fogg, Nuu Knynez, Lindsey Taters, William Perry, Grayson Adams, Mary Hanna & Disha Poole

Choreography by Nuu Knynez

Directed by Matty J

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7 Portraits from Artvasion (Photos by Adam Smith)


The afterparty got a little messy at Artvasion, an event put together by Erin Kelli and us to keep the lights on and off during Illuminate Stapleton weekend. Artists Erin Kelli, Dae Monae and Katie Fogg turned people's faces into canvases. The results with the blacklight were amazing. We picked 7 photos that we loved in honor of our 7th anniversary. Photos and highlights coming soon

Photos by Adam Smith @smithproductionsnyc