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They Don't Want You To Win #MondayMotivation by Abby Daniella


They Don't Want You To Win #MondayMotivation by Abby Daniella


When you’re laughing at DJ Khaled’s snapchats but you realize they really DON'T want you to win….

He's helping you unlock the keys to success, but I’m here to inspire you to take practical steps!

Your 2016 should be filled with new strategies that get you to the finish line.

And knowing your steps to get there is a major key.

They don’t want you to win. 

Here are some of my biggest aha moments from 2015 that helped me grow the most:

- I realized that we can either get stuck in the rat race or create a better way for ourselves by learning from those who are 2 steps ahead of us. It's easy to get comfortable with how things "have always been" instead of seeking out new perspectives and opportunities in this fast growing world.

- I learned that the music game is not at all what you believe it is when you're on the outside of it. Its realities will have you questioning everything you thought to be true, but it's also a great lesson about what’s real vs what’s on the internet or what the media feeds us.

- When weighing having a 9 to 5 against risking it all for your goals, you have to give it some deep thought. You've got to have a plan and not just “wing it” because you can set yourself up for disaster if your mind isn't in the right place.

Here are three suggestions that will help carry you into your new year and inspire a few 'aha' moments in your own journey:

1) What's it going to cost you to NOT be doing what you love? How much money do you need to do what you love comfortably?

2) What challenges are in your way?

3) Take each challenge and write down one way you could reverse that obstacle into something you can overcome within the next three months.

You should now end up with some clarity on the next steps you can take to get closer to where you want to be. Think this might help you get out of your own way? Comment below with "I'm doing this" to let me know that I should keep an eye out for your next level up!


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