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Musication 5


Projectivity and Stereotype hosted their fifth annual Musication festival. The theme of Musication, this year was Dance! Musician's main focus is showcasing youth performers, artists and talented musicians from Staten Island, New York. Along with showcasing talented performers, Musication helps raise money for the LARK Fund. The Lark fund is mini grant focused on providing money to public schools and non profits for music equipment, instruments, repairs, speakers, etc.

Musication took place on Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 5050 Skatepark. Over 200 people showed up to come support the artists and raise money for a great cause.The crowd enjoyed performances by William “Starda” Perry, Braxill, Jordan Barone, Lujan BBX & MO. Additionally, I.S 51 Spartanettes is a brand new after school dance team that performed for the very first time at Musication, along with other youth dance groups Karyn’s Angels and Pink Diamonds who had the crowd ecstatic and energized. Besides the music and performances there was a silent art auction with over 30 contributing artists, live art by Erinkelli Kilbane & Fausto from Lost Breed Culture & Lyle Foxman painting a live portrait.  Attendees also enjoyed a live photobooth by Kristopher Johnson of Deep Tanks and DJ performances by DJ Shame of the Building Shakas and Giles Dickerson of Rhythm Selection and Stefan Barone of Making MemorEase.  Anyone that missed the night can tune into the archived livestream by All of these deeply talented creators and the amazing SI community came together and raised over $1,000 for Projectivity’s LARK fund.  Sponsors for the evening included Cornerstone Realty, CWA Local 1102, Making MemorEase, 5050 Skatepark, Stereotype Co. and Projectivity.

For those unfamiliar with the group, Projectivity is a nonprofit that focuses on providing resources and education to anyone interested in pursuing the arts. Stereotype is lifestyle brand that creates apparel and accessories encouraging people to "Never Stop Dreaming".

“It’s important to give the youth a chance to showcase their talents, not just in school concerts and assemblies but in front of the community and alongside other professionals.  Plus raising money for the Lark Fund is always a great cause,” says Executive Director Christian Penn.

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