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Stereotype10 Recap (Full Stream & Photos)


A few weeks ago we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Stereotype Co.

If you were there you know how good the vibes were.

If you missed it, we luckily got the full live stream courtesy of Makerpark Radio

Thank you to Makerpark Radio for sponsoring the event. Check out their website

Thank you Making Memorease for sponsoring all the sound equipment for the evening. Check out their website.

The event took place at the new Project Lab. Check out the new space which features the Stereotype Co office on the top floor.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey.

Photography by Dianne Nudelman

TYPE 88 Playlist


A few shows away from it's first full year on air, the Type 88 show now has something else to keep you motivated in between episodes. A Spotify playlist! This playlist is packed with exclusives from songs that are played on air. 

With the mission to make the world aware of our community from around the world we hope you enjoy the official Type 88 playlist. 

Visit this link to follow the playlist. It will be updated weekly.

Make sure to tune into the Type 88 every other Wednesday on Makerpark Radio

TYPE88 Episode 12 with Mercury and the Architects

Anthony Antiquera


Check out the full episode and listen to this exclusive interview with Dave Noodlez and Mercury and the Architects.