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Be So Good They Can't Ignore You By Abby Daniella


Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

By Abby Daniella

Yup, Steve Martin said it best.

Develop your skills, make sure people can't overlook you, and kill the game.

You enter the room and people want to know who YOU are. There's something about your aura.

Why? Because you've mastered your craft to the point where folks can’t help but notice. And you know it.

Now they’re interested in your why’s and how’s. You didn't have to go to them. THEY come to you!

But you have to figure out what your calling is, right? 

You've got to learn everything about what it is you're doing. Inside and out.

No shortcuts, all hustle.

Don't worry about the ones who say you’re dreaming too big. Remember, you’re not here for them.

Who are you here for? 

What's your definition of 'great'? 

Are you living up to it for yourself and them? 

It's okay if you’re not; as long as you're heading in the right direction each day.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and flex every inch of your dopeness.

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