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Mandy is Not like the other kids

Amanda Giordano


For most of my life I’ve felt different than others. When I was 8, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. It’s an aggressive bone cancer that was present in 98% of my bone marrow. I went through chemotherapy for 2 and a half years, lost all my hair, and most social interaction due to the fact that my immune system prevented me from ever leaving my house or the hospital. I missed out on a very large chunk of my childhood, and had 5 near death experiences during those two and a half years. At one point, I even had to say goodbye to my family, not knowing if I’d make it through the night.

I was forced to mature mentally at a very young age, and I’ve felt the repercussions of that through my young adulthood. What I took from surviving childhood cancer, has made me feel different. I’ve appreciated the things life’s given me, a little more than most, and try to always look at my life as a second chance. Not many people get to truly gain that perspective on life, and I’m thankful I have that to set me apart.

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Thank you Maralee Nielson

Blaine is Not like the other kids


"The search for what makes each of us as an individual "Different" is part of the journey to find out who we are. But in reality I'm just like everyone else being told its okay to be average or normal. but my will to try to for my dream is what makes me Not like The other kids. "Good enough isn't good enough if i can be better and better it can be best." i still have my doubts of my own  capabilities but i have to remember that dreams are just opportunities without action and not to fall victim of the doubts of my own mind. fail or succeed the fact i try gives me a sense i can do anything and then only things holding me back are my mind and wallet." - Blaine Schroder @blaine.schroder96

Photo by @marbley21 @maraleeannephoto