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Phillip II doesn't listen to 'Nobody,Anybody' on latest single


Phillip II doesn't listen to 'Nobody,Anybody' on latest single


Phillip II drops his latest single 'Nobody, Anybody' produced by J.Glaze. The vibe is chill and the lyrics are real. Make sure to give it a spin and be on the lookout for more music from this hungry emcee in 2017. Phllip II gave us some insight on the track 

"Pain is necessary to experience the true depths of joy, love, and peace. Phillip ll sets the tone with this record that tells of a personal choice that was made long ago as a young adolescent to leave home at the age of 12. It was this choice that pushed him into the dog-eat-dog world and made him into who he is today. Follow him on this tale of choice, regret, and acceptance of knowing thyself

Reflect not on the rebellious nature of the chorus "I don't listen to nobody, don't listen to anybody", but rather the deeper meaning... that we all must make a decision at one point or another to be guided or find out for ourselves. To touch the burner to see if it's hot or heed the warning. Time is linear. So we must accept whatever results from that choice or choices we've made for ourselves.    

Either way.. live the choice and live with the choice"