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J. Tunes shares the visuals for 'L.O.S.'


J. Tunes shares the visuals for 'L.O.S.'


J.Tunes starts the year off right with his latest visual for 'Last One Standing. "I want to be big as the Pope" raps J.Tunes. This emcee's future is looking promising if he continues to shed light on his life and hope for the future as an aspiring artist.

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Twitter : @therealjtune

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21-year-old Jamie Gatson, also known by his stage name, J. Tune, is an American musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Jamie grew up two hours south of Chicago in Champaign, Illinois. Incorporating personal memories of his struggles with poverty, Jamie uses his music as an instrument to illustrate how his life is an everyday struggle. He hopes to inspire his listeners to set goals, persevere, and achieve their dreams. One of the most significant days of Jamie’s life occurred when he was 15 and his best friend, Kiwane Carrington, was shot and killed by the police in Champaign, IL. This unfortunate but very inspiring tragedy propelled Jamie towards his destiny. He promised Kiwane he would push himself harder than ever to achieve greatness in the Hip Hop industry. Jamie’s goal is to become a positive public figure, using his music to shed light on his early struggles and help others see they, too, can achieve greatness in spite of hardships and tragedies. During his early years, he wrote and produced various works inspired by everyday life situations, simultaneously working other jobs to provide for himself, his girlfriend and his ever supportive mother. Jamie’s rough beginning forced him to mature very quickly. He is fully aware of political problems both in America and worldwide such as racism, discrimination, poverty and the illusion that money sets people free when it only blinds people to the fact that they must have love before money to be happy. Jamie references this in many of his songs, including "Love," "LOS (Last One Standing)," and "Operation" on his mixtape “Free Agency Era,” releasing September 13, 2016. J. Tune is a lyrical genius with only good intentions to bring beauty to the dulling world we live in. J. Tune and his team, Believers Dynasty, are passionately focused on creating ideas from which everyone, including those who don't listen to Hip Hop, can benefit. J. Tune’s mantra is that "It's about more than just the music with us."