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"New Year, New Me" by Abby Daniella #MondayMotivation


"New Year, New Me" by Abby Daniella #MondayMotivation


“New Year, New Me”

  By Abby Daniella


Annoying, right?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “new year, new me” phrase.

It’s the thing everyone tweets on New Year’s Day and weeks before.

As you think back, wondering what you would've done better AND what your 2016 is looking like…

Maybe you're realizing that your year was pretty great.

Maybe you wouldn’t change a thing?

But let’s face it, that’s probably not the case.

Even if you accomplished a lot of your goals, could you have used some minor tweaking along the way?

Most of the time it’s not motivation that’s the problem, your system is either broken or flawed.

And you’re the only one that has the control to fix it.

Do you constantly dread a certain task or always find yourself stuck?

What's missing?

I hate when that happens, but I’ve learned it all comes down to rethinking your approach.

Sometimes we get comfortable in a certain pattern for so long we forget there's more than one way to get the job done!

First, reevaluate the ways you’ve been doing things.

Let the memes and tweets arrive as they may…

When you see a “new year, new me” post use that as your reminder to make a list of what you need to refocus on.

Your 2016 should be filled with new strategies to get to the finish line. Step-by-step.

Want me to keep writing these? If I could turn these posts into a mini book or app, would you cop it to keep you on point when you're feeling low?

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