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DreamWarriors Interview with Mike


DreamWarriors Interview with Mike



Written by Jessie C @jessie5_world

Hey guys thanks for joining me this week as we close out the month of January. It’s Jessie C and I’m back with the segment hashtag #Dreamwarriors featured via I’m hoping everyone’s is focused, making goals, writing them down and checking them off. This week will feature a man that isn’t even in the United States. He’s from Canada, he’s 33 and dreams of one day making differences in fighting against hunger, bullying and sex trafficking. 

Everyone please provide a big warm welcome from this side of the border, for Mike.

Mike: Thank you dear for having me

Jess: I have a question to start off related to my intro. You mentioning the bullying, sex trafficking and fighting hunger are important to you. 

Anything you want to elaborate, is there a personal experience or for someone close to home?

Mike: Absolutely, I’ve seen how hunger can devastate families, the hurt in parents eyes not being able to provide for their children with the most basic needs.It hurts to witness, that’s something I believe no one should experience. Bullying and sex trafficking are close to my heart because I believe in freedom and innocence. When people are robbing others from their freedom, happiness, innocence with some sort of intimidation (bullying) and greed and power (trafficking), it just doesn’t sit well with me. When you think about it, these are the true meaning of violation of privacy, robbing someone of the innocence of their most sacred and intimate part, that’s simply wrong and I’ll fight against these til I die.

Jess: Yeah, I really feel uncomfortable at times when I come across explicit videos or photos of things like that. I never would want that to happen I care for or just anyone for that matter. 

Do you consider yourself strong?

Mike: Yes

Jess: What is something you can say is your dream?

Mike: I dream of creating 100 millionaires around the word in the health industry.

Jess: What makes you wake up in the morning and just be ready to go for it? To keep going hard for everything ?

Mike: My drive to succeed, my love of my daughter, my passion to elevate others. 

Jess: Anythings you’d like to share that you have accomplished already and is currently working on?

Mike: Yes, I’ve accomplished a few like building my own business, teach others to do the same but still have quite a few more to accomplish.

Jess: Tell me a bit more about that. What’s your business ?

Mike: Over a year ago I partnered with a company, the company provides supplements; that helped the brain to release its own feel good hormones. I’m very passionate about mental health and brain function so I definitely saw this as the right fit. My personal brand MDFITLIFE is a fitness, nutrition and supplement platform that’s focused mainly on brain health. I created my platform 4 years ago in order to help as many people as I can to fight mental struggle. Having been there myself I know how important it is to educate others on how to overcome their depression. I do this through physical and mental exercises.

Jess: Very interesting and so funny it’s coffee related, just like my body scrubs. I just received my package of my samples of the supplements, thanks again. I got to get on top of that.

I know there’s good things that come with building a business but there are negatives and struggles as well.

Am I correct?

Mike: Building something from ground up comes with many challenges from funding, marketing, creating credibility, value of products. It requires patience and tenacity. Sometimes the “No’s” are overwhelming but once you have a clear vision for a mission, there should never be anything to stop you.

Jess: Absolutely. Going back, what do you mean you help others build their businesses? Like how do you help them?

Mike: What I offer others is a mentorship and leadership help. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from great leaders and successful business owners. I love reaching out to others to help them through their journey and help them avoid making mistakes I’ve made during this ride.

Jess: Sounds legit, lots of people just need guidance. They have so much going on in their lives already that they carry around sometimes in their head. They can’t have a clear path and steps to take in regards to the business they want to build.

Mike: Precisely.

Jess: Well today was a very informative, eye opening conversation. I want to thank you once again for giving me the time.

Mike: Of course, I am honored and grateful that I’m being featured. I appreciate it and I love what this stands and represents.

Jess: Amen to that, guys you should definitely check out Mike’s Instagram @mdfitlife and the link in the bio. His link in bio brings you to his page to learn more about his business and what products he provides. To reach out to me with any questions or likes to be featured, my ig is @jessie5_world and link in my bio for interview and everything else I’m involved in. I am involved in shirts collaboration with our platform @stereotypeco and I also have my own body scrub as I mentioned before. The body scrub is natural visit that link for more info and my poetry book is within that link as well.

That’s a little shameless advertising ha but peace and love guys.