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Dream Warriors Interview with Prince Perez


Dream Warriors Interview with Prince Perez


By Jessie C @jessie5_world


Hey guys, I am back again with another Dream Warrior, and a local Staten Islander. He is a musician, can sing, rap, song write and can even mix, master and produce his own music. He is 30 years old and a father of now three beautiful children. Please everyone give the warmest welcome on this really freezing day to the one and only Prince Perez.

Prince: Well thank you for that introduction and thank you for having me

Jess: Of course, no problem, but before we get into the meats and potatoes of the conversation; why the name Prince?

Prince: My mom always called me Prince after the singer as did a lot of girls I knew;  I always loved his music. I wanted to move on from what my name was before, which was youngBrighton.It was either Luis Perez or Prince Perez and I always hated my first name lol. I also wanted to rebrand myself musically, Prince Perez was kind of me doing that.

Jess: Aww how cute of a story. Is music a part of your life, What is your dream ?

Prince: My dream is to  live up to my potential and make music for money not just out of love.

Jess: What are some things you’d like to partake in ?

Prince: Anything that makes sense along my journey, be it acting, directing, being a brand ambassador I’m really just into creating dope things.

Jess: Sounds awesome, but with music, has it always been apart of your life?

Prince: Yes music has always been apart of my life. It started for me in church being in choir and then middle school being in chorus and drama class. Music was always huge and prevalent in my life

Jess: What made you just start putting yourself out there ? When did you start putting yourself out there?

Prince: I started sharing my music around 11 or 12. I started making mixtapes using my sisters karaoke machine, ha. How it worked was I would  record it on cassette tapes and I would let my friends listen; I thought I was the man.

Jess: Do you feel like you are strong person ?

Prince: I like to say I feel I’m a strong individual. Realistically you’re only as strong as your weakest link so it’s always an on going process to become better. 

Jess: What makes you go hard?

Prince: Love. The love of my family, my kids, my friends, my fans. If it wasn’t their love, their confidence, their desire to see me win ; I don’t think I would have the same determination. I want them to be proud of my hard work to see how much time and effort I’ve put into my dreams.

Jess: What are some accomplishments you are working on?

Prince: I’m wrapped up my first major album and I’ve been gaining new connections and business opportunities through this venture. I’m truly excited to see this through and continue to grow as an artist and as a person. 

Jess: Super happy to hear that, and exciting to see the changes and growth.
Yes, making connections and seeing/helping each other so everyone can win. Well I want to congratulate you on your official album and wish you so much prosperity in all upcoming ventures. 

Prince: Thank you so much, I appreciate that and thank you for having me.

Jess: Well guys there you have it, you can follow Prince on Instagram @theprinceperez. If you guys don’t know where to contact me, my ig is @jessie5_world and @stereotypeco with any questions about the interviews. If you missed out the last couple months just go to the link in my bio and/or check out the website I’m out, peace and love guys.