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KDHN - Euphoricon EP Interview

Amanda Giordano

Graphic design by Panini.

Graphic design by Panini.

Why did you make this album?

I wanted to create a project that represented all the music that I enjoy and grew up on. From classic R&B to Punk Rock. I wanted to blur the lines by not coloring in the lines when it came to genre. I wanted to tell my story through my own lens, introducing a perspective of growing up as a black kid from Staten Island.

What inspired the title 'Euphoricon?

Euphoricon was a word that I made up meaning a “Beautiful Lie”. What seems like paradise always has a price. Take America for example, ‘the land of the free’ isn't as free for everyone. We strive for perfection that isn't obtainable. Coping with placebos whether it be our phones, drugs, material or superficial things. Euphoricon became a city of my depression that I had to escape in order to save myself.  

If you could do remix to one song on the album and anyone as your guest feature, what song what it would be and who would you have on it?

Kid Cudi would have to be on my track ‘Hollows’ for sure!

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc

I've been helped in many ways throughout the journey of this project. My friends who have helped produce this project, their experience of life that they describe to me. My own self reflection and the people that I have encountered also. My team LWA also, MANTRABLU, SENSEI, MARC R, Marc Adrien, RAVE all have produced Euphoricon. I was the only writer on the project besides rappers YF and Monk.  

Graphic design by Panini.

Graphic design by Panini.

 What is your favorite track? Why?

My favorite track would have to be Hollows. I was vulnerable with this song. I reflected my anger for the first time. I channeled my trauma and conviction. To me thats where I healed from my depression, the music.

What is your goal as an artist?

To reach someone. Simple as that. To save someone, change someone, inspire. I want to introduce ideas. Add to history and let people know that perfection lies in our individuality. We are ALL necessary and worthy of life.

When did you know you wanted to make music?

Since I was five Ive been making music and creating, but at 15 is when I started taking my poems to melodies. I was always shy with my art but I couldn't run from it. All my life music was there. When I was alone music was at the bedside. In the dark was always a melody. I just had to answer back. I wasn't brave enough to think it was obtainable. 

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream?Have you ever been Stereotype'd? Tell us more 

Being a black man is already an obstacle. The stigma of what genre we belong in is slowly but surely diminishing. Im not a traditional artist. I don't look slim and have a six pack. Im loud and sometimes clumsy. I have some stories and a pulse. Ive always been considered different, how I spoke, my interests and ideas. I was the kid who just did his own thing really. If I like it it didn't matter who had a say. I was always persistent.

  Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it

That I'm just another artist who just wants to call myself an artist. I want to be taken serious and build a legacy of innovation and inspiration. I want to reflect the times with my artistry.

Some last words 

Theres a power in being yourself. Walk in it day by day.

Taken by George Rivera, Make up by Moshoodat.

Taken by George Rivera, Make up by Moshoodat.