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Staten Island

#DontStopDreaming Limited Edition Higher Conscious Apparel and Art Handcrafted in Shaolin 

Some things change but stay the same


Some things change but stay the same


After 3 years of putting our stories and releases on we decided to change things up. 4 years ago when we started that site we only had a collection, since then a lot has changed. Now we have Connects, a Collective, our Community and of course the Collection. We have come a long way so it was a good time for change. 

We will be opening a permanent pop up shop at Overspray Artistic Playground in the next couple of weeks. Ironically it's the same building that we started Stereotype Co 6 years ago.  Some things change but stay the same. 

When we started the brand 6 years ago we had no clue where we would be today. We  only dreamed of it. Now we will get to invite people from our city Staten Island and all over the universe into a place to kick it, shop, make art, listen to music, party and dream together. Even though our situation has changed we have stayed the same. I still love what I do but now. I just get to work with more people, travel to more places, experience more things and say "Don't Stop Dreaming" to more people. So our situations change but the mission has stayed the same.

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