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We will Rise in Fall 2014



For the people by the people 
This month at Stereotype Co we have dedicated ourselves to making as much art possible to spread peace, love and positive vibes. If you just met us or you have been with us since the beginning you know this has always been something we focus on. 

Starting today we have committed ourselves to making large art pieces and FTPBTP (for the people by the people) art projects that allow us to reach 1,000's of people across the globe. 

Since launching our brand we have always been pretty good at making a lot of a little whether it be art supplies or going on tour with G-Eazy and Mike Stud.

Our latest Project will only requires $150 to create and will give us the ability to give 1,000's of kids in our city and other cities art that will encourage us to love one another. 

Some people may say "I'm sure you can use $150 of your own dollars to make this, why are you asking us?" The reason is because we want this project to be FTPBTP.

We want our community to join in on this and encourage the rest of the community to spread the message. Together we are stronger. Also if more people take part in something there's a better chance for the message to spread. Also there is some great rewards for contributing to our project.

Check it out here and be part of our latest Anti Violence projectSeptember has been a real blessing. We were invited to take part of many events in our hometown Staten Island, Brooklyn & Manhattan for our Don't Stop Dreaming Tour. What a trip it's been meeting 1000's of people every month. We are grateful for every opportunity to walk into a venue and spread positive vibes.October is looking to be one of our busiest months of the year. Here is a few things to look forward to:

Stereotype Co invades Overspray NYC
Stereotype Co will curating this new store giving people a chance to have a retail experience in our hometown Staten Island. Visit follow our Instagram @StereotypeCo for the invasion details

Stereotype Co, Projectivity & In The Mix w/Shoom will be releasing the first Mixtape 'My Stereotape Vol 1.' Look out for this mid-late October featuring artists from across the country. All artists send your 3 best tracks to for potential online radio spins and mixtape consideration
Learn about the Projectivity Movement
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Projectivity & Stereotype Co present Mic Club  Open Mic, Live Band Jams by Tatterhood, Live Art Installations in Staten Island, NYC . FIND OUT THE SCHEDULE FIRST

Stereotype Projectivity ask you to Save the date 11.14.14
More details coming soon

Stereotype Co Grind Sheets - The latest worksheet that will revolutionize the way you manage goals, health, time and money

Winter 2014 coming soon!

Thank you for believing in us and supporting us always. Our mission is to continue to following our dreams as we encourage everyone we meet to Don't stop dreaming.

-Dave at Stereotype Co