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Kisha Johnson is Not like the other Kids


Kisha Johnson is Not like the other Kids

Amanda Giordano


One can be anyone, but anyone can't be me. That's my power. I'm a one of one. That sounds fancy, right? I'm fancy. I'm funny, I'm creative, I'm ever-learning and always creating. That can be your power too, but only if you want it to be. 

I’m always thinking about ways to uplift while healing myself and my voice became a way to do that. I realized that through my own pain people could resonate and combat the problems that they had. I stepped up and said “I’m not okay,” people were like “Me either girl” and I went from there. There's a lot of stressors for inner-city kids (Basically a lack of everything, throw in some marginalization, oppression and mix in a combination of sexual-mental-physical-emotional abuse for a low functioning human being) and it all happened by design. Through my poetry, I try to educate people on self-love, the history of black people, and finding problems to the solutions we face as underserved communities.


I came up with The Give Back Tour after listening to the Dead Prez “Let’s Get Free” album. It was a way to hold myself accountable. I had learned so much about myself and healing that it would be a disservice not to share it with everyone else. My plan is to go around the States teaching about affirmations, healing rituals, poetry while learning from all the people and things I meet in between. Ultimately, I’ll bring that knowledge right back to my borough and I know that no one can do it alone which is why the goal is always to share as much as I can of myself in order to inspire the revolutionary in us all.

IG: @AHoodrathippie