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The Best Advice for Soon-To-Be Moms


The Best Advice for Soon-To-Be Moms


Image courtesy of  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Written by Eva Benoit | |

Preparing for a new baby is pretty involved, and it can feel overwhelming as you try to get your ducks in a row.  Figuring out all the things you and your little one will need, and how to transition into your new role, are both exhilarating and daunting propositions.  Read on for the best advice for easing into this journey of a lifetime.

Start with self-care

There is an old adage that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and as a mom, it's easy to let go of filling your cup.  Tending to your personal well-being is of vital importance, and it’s prime time to develop a self-care regimen you can carry into parenthood.  As Mom365 points out, once your little one arrives it will be all too tempting to let your self-care fall by the wayside, but taking care of your basics like showering, dressing well, eating properly, and managing stress are crucial.  

With all that in mind, look for ways to make it easy on yourself when your baby comes along.  Treat yourself to some beauty-related goodies to simplify your skin care routine, and invest in a couple of appropriate outfits for nursing and bonding with your baby.  You can also collect some satisfying and convenient recipes to help keep your nutrition and energy up, and learn some stress management techniques.   For instance, making sure you get seven to nine hours of sleep each night helps your body keep stress in check, and exercising is shown to release endorphins, lowering stress levels naturally.  You can also use meditation as a great stress management tool, and there are apps available to help you along if you’re new to meditation.

Underwear is underrated

Your undergarments can make a tremendous difference in your life as a new mom.  For instance, investing in a few hands-free pumping bras means being able to tend to your needs without changing bras, regardless of where you are.  For women on the go, it’s far more convenient, since you can take care of business in your car, at your workplace, or wherever.  You should also invest in some underwear that will be comfortable. Since your tummy isn’t going to look the same, some women find they want to change styles toward options which are high-waisted, flattering, supportive, and stretchy.  If you have a C-section, you’ll want something particularly breathable, supportive, stretchy, and in styles that won’t pinch.  Have some well-chosen undergarments on hand so you’re ready when you get home from the hospital.

Make the nursery mom-friendly

With the excitement of a new addition to your life, it’s easy to focus on putting together an adorable nursery.  While it’s important for the space to be pleasing to your eyes, you also need it to be a practical place. Start with a smart layout, putting the crib away from the doorway so you can peek in at your baby during naps without awakening her.  Consider investing in a convertible crib, since it means you won’t have to buy a new bed as soon as your baby starts getting bigger.  Also set up a functional changing station with all your essentials organized and close at hand, and invest in a baby monitor so you can do housework and other tasks with peace of mind.  

Baby-proof your home

Setting up a great nursery is the first step in preparing your home.  But your baby will be crawling before you know it, so why not get ready now, before you’re juggling feeding times and dirty diapers?  Parents recommends baby-proofing each room, putting anything your infant could get into either in a secured location or well out of reach.  For example, chemicals, medications, supplements and other potentially dangerous supplies should be moved up high out of reach.  Furniture that invites climbing should be mounted to walls, outlets should be covered, and cords secured.

Babies change everything, which is extraordinary in all ways.  While you might sometimes feel you’ll never be ready, with a little forethought and planning, you and your home will be prepared for your baby’s arrival.  You’ll be a wonderful mom - congratulations!