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Xav A kills negative vibes on 'NFF'


Xav A. (pronounced Zayv A) is an R&B singer, songwriter and producer channeling the excitement and power of 90’s music in order to remind the world just how much fun life can be.  

Xav’s latest single “NFF!” compares the feeling of being stuck with negativity in your head to being stuck with fungus in your toes. With an electric baritone vocal and a rap feature from Awesum Crawford (a charismatic female rapper reminiscent of Left Eye), the track blends levity and reality to create a record that is both earnest and easily digested.  

Based in New York City, Xav A. is continuing to spread his colorful look and sound all around. Follow him on Instagram (@XavAMusic) to keep up with his antics!

Download the song here