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5 Tips to Being UNSTOPPABLE by True Gentlemen


The chivalry is dead. The music is full of life… Enter True Gentlemen. Cello Heavy, Synthed Out, Broken-Heart Acoustic, Chant-Down, Beat-Driven, Floating on a Good Vibe, Gentlemen’s Music… for the ladies. TRUE GENTLEMEN consists of Sam Oh Talent, Singer, Cellist & Guitarista. IB (of The Higher Concept); Baritone, Wordsmith & Architect. J. Glaze is the Super Producer, Wizard of OZ &  Mix Master. We heard their latest song 'Unstoppable' and was inspired. We reached out to IB (who now lives in Argentina pursuing his dream to write a book) & Sam if they could share some wisdom with us on how to be Unstoppable. Find out what they said 

Here are 5 Tips to Being Unstoppable from True Gentlemen

1) Pursue your passion solely for the love of doing so


If you have a passion for something and pursue it without attaching any monetary goals to it you will be UNSTOPPABLE. Setting expectations can lead to disappointment, and disappointment can lead to roadblocks, be it a loss of the original love or a loss of motivation. Without the expectation there is only a love for the process.


2)Tune out the Naysayers


No matter the goals you set for yourself there will always be someone telling you that you shouldn’t have them, that you’re on the wrong path, that you’re not good enough, etc. Don’t listen! Follow your heart and know that no matter what others say you are having the time of your life chasing your dreams. Do so and you will be UNSTOPPABLE


3) The 10,000 hour rule


Don’t consider yourself an expert in your field without putting in the work. Nothing is ever handed to you, you have to go out and earn it. Stay grinding, day in and day out, working towards your goals. Read Malcolm Gladwell! If you put enough time into your craft you can become UNSTOPPABLE



4) Surround yourself with positivity


This one goes hand in hand with ignoring the naysayers. Cut those people out of your circle. There’s not enough time in the day. Build a team around you of like minded individuals who bring you up instead of pulling you down. With them by your side you can become UNSTOPPABLE


5) Never quit


This one should go without saying, but it’s so true. Sure, you might never turn your passion into a career. So what!! Let it become your hobby. If you never stop, you are the literal embodiment and definition of the word UNSTOPPABLE.

Listen to their debut single "Unstoppable" from the "Life Through the Monocle" EP coming soon. Have an unstoppable day/week/year!

Writing Contributions by Ian Weisz, Sam Oh, David Nudelman

Photography Matty J @LLMattyJ

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