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TheMostStrange - The Circus [Exclusive Interview]


Interview by Dave Noodlez

TheMostStrange is one artist that can't be put in a box. I had a chance to link with him after his release party and talk about his new album 'The Circus', circuses, goals, dreams and more. Hope you enjoy the interview.

We just attended your album release at The Paper Box in Brooklyn, NY. How would you describe the night?
It was nostalgic. A combination of talented artists and family showing support for their people. We came to Brooklyn and conquered. All love

Why did you make this album? 

Same reason I started music, to express the suppressed darkness. Some won’t understand the grittiness but i live my happiness on a day to day because I found an outlet to ease the trouble in my mind. “The Circus” saved me. Forever grateful.

Illustrated by @ ArtByRangel  - Median: pencil   Twitter:  ART by RANGEL , Facebook:  ART by RANGEL , Instagram:  ART by RANGEL Pinterest:  ART by RANGEL , Tumblr: ART by RANGEL

Illustrated by @ArtByRangel - Median: pencil 

Twitter: ARTbyRANGEL, Facebook: ARTbyRANGEL, Instagram: ARTbyRANGELPinterest: ARTbyRANGEL, Tumblr:ARTbyRANGEL

What inspired the title 'The Circus'?
The Circus seemed so fitting because they both instill excitement and fear of whats to come. Circuses always had this dark ambience so I created this dimension to tell a story. The project is a collection of thoughts from 2 years where i completely lost myself. I was spiraling out of control and found fear in things that should have caused me joy. I was convinced that beautiful things would do nothing but destroy me.

Did you ever go to a circus as a kid? What would you have done different to the show?
I went to the circus twice in my life. It ultimately created a fear of clowns for a while but somewhere along the way I appreciated how blatantly scary they are. The combination of fire and theatrics wowed me and I can still remember that feeling to this day. It embraced the weird. I wouldn’t change anything during those moments but I’m still not a fan of keeping wild animals confined for entertainment. Shout out to the elephants & tigers.

What is your goal as an artist? 

I want to continue to learn from all the artists who inspire me and create a monster in my own lane. I’m obsessed with so many genres of music, can’t wait till i have the resources to create them all. Keeping content reflective of who I am as a person. is really important to me. A lot of artists create on what they think the people want to hear but its necessary to create what you want and feel at that exact moment. That’s how legends dominate.

When did you know you wanted to make music? 

I started doing covers when I was 16 and fell in love with it instantly. It really boosted my confidence because I found something I fully understood without trying. Ultimately it helped me get attention from girls and make more friends during my awkward stage. (I’m still awkward just a little cooler). I used music to fundraise a few times in high school and embraced the power it had to help others. Once I started writing my own music, I became closer to friends and strangers because I was able to show how much in common we all have as human beings. Music is my first love, it has and always will be here eternally. 

Photo by @Dandepalo

Photo by @Dandepalo

What is your dream now that you just accomplished this dream? 

To continue to create the best music I can and focus on achieving mental, physical, and financial freedom for myself and all those I consider family. I have to experience the whole world before I’m dead, music is that vessel. I’m determined to build my brand and ultimately change the life’s of those who feel they’ve reached the end. Love & growth is necessary on this depressing planet.

Who helped make this album what it is? Writers, Producers, Muses, Support System, Etc
I wrote the whole album and had some amazing producers collaborate to create the experience. Producers include Svn X, BeatsbyTre, Beatz Ezra & Young Taylor, Lord Quan, Deyjan Beats, Lord Quan, 25, Accent Beats, Adothegod, & D V N. I recorded with Jordan Barone and he mixed the whole thing also making some tweaks on production. We vibed from the start and were equally obsessed with creating this unique sound. Once completed, he sent it over to Mike at The Foxboro studio and he mastered it; giving it an even crispier sound. Danny Depalo is responsible for all visual representations of me. He embraced the weirdness and we’ve created some ill content. Rell Brodie created the cover art and Tristan Ford designed the tracklist, business cards, and merch. With all the support from my brothers and these talented creators, “The Circus” came to life.

Photo by @Dandepalo

Photo by @Dandepalo

What is your favorite track? Why?
It really depends what mood I’m in. My favorites constantly change between all 11 tracks. Moon & Sun has that nostalgia feel. It brings you to the time you spent a perfect moment with a perfect someone. Hell & The Reaper is where my current level of confidence resides. Haven’t been giving energy to things not in my scope of focus. A constant favorite is Sinister. The way it is composed from the falsettos, the gruesome skit, and raw emotion makes it something to be appreciated.

Have you ever broke a Stereotype someone had of you? Tell us about it
I’ve always been a wallflower, super observant. People have always highlighted how I didn’t talk much. I had been dealing with a lot of things and didn’t have a way to ease the pain so i stayed in my head for most of high school. Music changed that all. Fast forward and now you’ve seen me be the loudest one in a space like Webster hall, SXSW, PaperBox, etc. We all evolve. Be patient

If you could remix one song with an artist/producer? Who would it be and what song? 

A couple Slipknot songs come to mind but definitely Vermillion, Pt 2. Would love to sing over the original melody but add in this 808 breakdown where I rap briefly before going back into crooning. If you ever wondered what inspired me to wear a mask. yeahh

What is the best words of advice you have received or would like to share? 

As simple as it may sound. BE YOU. The people who care about you are always going to love you as long as you’re true to self. On the other hand, there are people who will hate you even when your pretending to be someone else. Make it easier for yourself, embrace your flaws, and live your truths. The world is a lot brighter that way.

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Cover Art: @RellBrodie

Cover Art: @RellBrodie

Track Art: @Thirtynatural

Track Art: @Thirtynatural

TheMostStrange - Moon & Sun


TheMostStrange releases the third and final single off his upcoming album “The Circus” arriving early 2018. “Moon & Sun” is a trip filled with happiness & love as he finds himself serenading a soulmate. His song 'Blue Dream' has been on heavy rotation on TYPE88. From the looks of things 2018 will be his.