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Dreaming with The i of a Genius #pastfuture


ArtWork Done by @bebegunz813

After listening to his latest tracks 'In My Dreams Pt 1 & 2' we wanted to know more about The i of a Genius (Tigs). We had a chance to sit down with the him and talk dreams past and future. He even dropped some keys on following dreams. Check it out below and be sure to look out for more from Tigs in the upcoming months.

What were your dreams as a kid?

My dreams as a kid was never vivid, i always trying new things but I always knew i wanted to be a star and shine through entertainment. I dreamt to be a baseball player ,played for a while. Then got into skateboarding, around the age of 11-13 I wanted to be a pro skater but that changed into my favorite sport football. I was set gold for that sport when i first played i was rusty but as soon as i learned the ways i was a monster on the field , I felt it be my calling but not long enough till i faced reality and quit. Wasnt worth it, but music was it for me. The wordsmith sport is crazy. Rap overall crazy from all types of aspect. Thats when i started at 16 when i knew exactly what i wanted, to be one of the most historical figures in hip hop.

Photo by @bonafidevisuals

What are your dreams for 2017?

My dreams for 2017 is to keep progression and positive vibes all around, with that being said expect my positive sound coming in a vibrant way. I dream Nothing but success to my fellow teammates & anyone around doing their thing. 

Photo @rrrp6

What is some advice you can give someone that is trying to reach their dreams? 

Don't take no for an answer, everything you come across is a learning experience , and never lose yourself know your worth and what you stand for.

Listen to 'In My Dreams Pt 1 & 2'