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What is success?


The other day on Instagram we threw up this photo asking people "What is your definition of success?" 


We got some amazing answers from people across the world.

@derekfilms - Success isn't money, a big house or a fancy car. Success is being able to do what you love everyday

@iam_jenniferrenee - The day I can call my mom and tell her she never has to work again is when I know I've reached success. It's all about being a blessing to someone else.

@ninaaacoladaaa - When you have reached the goals you have set for yourself. When you are truly happy with the way your life have turned, you are successful.

@princeoneil - Success begins with the understanding of all individuals have their own perspectives but realizing no matter how different you are if it's something you really like or love and you continue to do it and not give up that is true success. Because we try and fail, try again and fail, fail again but remember the first reason in the first place and keep going because true failure is when we give up and stop trying on the things we value and love.

@janaihicksnyc - Being able to truly give your life and your love towards your passion in life to build the lives of others and yourself. When you give your energy and purpose to the world, the universe will send it back to you both spiritually and materially.

@ceeturtle - When you feel happy and content with youself and what you have no matter how much or little you have

We were so inspired we made a section on our website 'Success'. You can visit it here  

What's your definition of success?

Leave your definition below to be added to our website!

I'm sure you want my definition of success so here is goes.

Success - The ability live a life you dreamed of. The moment you set goals and reach them. The moment you are in a position to give,teach or mentor someone else and help them achieve their definition of success. 

I hope everyone has a 'successful week'. However you define 'successful week' I'm sure if you set goals and go for them you will do it. 

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