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FemaleCentric Lizzy Ashliegh releases the beautifully animated video 'The One' [Watch Here First]


Lizzy Ashliegh, also known as L.A from B.K, is a singer, actress, host, model, and creative extraordinaire from Brooklyn, NY. She plans to take the world by storm one single at a time, and will be releasing her debut project later next year (2016)! You can follow Lizzy on twitter at @_AshLieGh. "The One" is scheduled to release on Nov 3rd with the Pre-Order for Itunes.

Lizzy Ashliegh teamed up with Escape animation to bless the world with her motivational and inspirational video for her second single “The One”. An animated Lizzy is strolling through the jungle and has the power of love and uses it to over power the bad thoughts and deeds of evil. Lizzy sings about coming together and getting through whatever as one. Love and energy can guide you through the toughest times and even the darkest of shadows are enlightened. The animation holds a message of keeping your head up and getting through this maze we call life together. It was inspired by animations and visuals of Alice and Wonderland, Dragon ball Z, and Tarzan. Fong, a classically trained musician, producer, guitarist, and master of the keys produced the symphony of it all and helped to bring “The One” to life.

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